Some of you may be wondering, “Do men wear necklaces”? The answer is, “Yes, they do”. Unlike women, a necklace would never be a centerpiece for men. Necklaces are usually worn by men because it has a significance or special meaning attached to it. They could also use it to complement the outfit they’ve chosen to wear.

With rare exceptions like the ones involved in the music industry, most men prefer to keep their jewelry subtle and minimal. Most of the outfits worn by women have an open neckline and the necklaces that are worn usually steal all the attention. Men wearing big or chunky chains and something that is too flashy are quite rare.  

Having said this there are still a good number of men who are not comfortable wearing any kind of jewelry. Necklaces are one of the most difficult of all the jewelry pieces that men consider to wear. However, wearing necklaces is one of the best ways for men to look stunning and attractive, if they know how to do it.

Styles preferred by men

You don’t see men wearing necklaces adorned with jewels and precious stones. Men’s jewelry including a necklace or chain is created with the idea to complement the outfit they choose to wear. It shouldn’t be too loud or overwhelming. Most of the necklace designs for men have ragged edges. Necklaces should look quite natural on men. They should look stylish without drawing the attention of others to the jewelry they choose to wear. Others would prefer for it to be personalized, so find a gift shop that specializes in this craft.

Different types of men’s necklaces

Neck chains

Devoid of any pendants or ornaments a simple gold chains for men can easily make a statement. Neck chains are classic in style and it occupies a good position in men’s fashion. Chains also happen to be one of the favorites of men when it comes to wearing necklaces. Depending on the pattern of the links, the metal that has been used, and the length of the neck chain, men can create different looks while wearing it with their choice of outfit.

Chains with loops that are flat and which has the appearance of a metallic ribbon is a classic style that is commonly preferred. The gold cuban link chains are also quite popular these days. Stainless steel, platinum, gold, white gold and silver are some of the popular metals used in neck chains.

Spending more money to purchase a chain of a higher-quality metal like gold, white gold or platinum is advisable as the entire look of the neck chain depends on the quality of the metal. This would also be the right choice for an outfit that is formal. Keep your neck chain subtle or modest and make sure that you wear it beneath your shirt. Keeping it understated is the best way to make a statement.

Dog tags

Originally worn by soldiers in the military, a dog tag has two metal tags that are flat and it is attached to a ball chain. These tags worn by the soldiers had their names, ranks and medical information on them. At times their religious faith is also included in the details. Over the years the dog tags became a symbol of fashion for men.

Even though many refuse to wear it because they consider it to be disrespect to men in service there are a good number of men who consider wearing a dog tag as really cool. Some of the modern versions of the dog tags include an image or a raised symbol or design. Chains that look flashier, with different styles of links are being used to replace the traditional ball chains.

Wear it only if you really love that style and are confident enough. Keep in mind that not everyone who has a respect for people who serve in the military is going to love or approve of it.

Symbols of religion

Necklaces that represent one’s religious beliefs are also quite common among men’s jewelry. While some men prefer to wear it as a display of their faith some men wear it out of compulsion or encouragement from their religious sect. Most of the men wear a pendant that represents a symbol of their faith.

While some men wear idols carved in metals some wear symbols like a moon, cross, star, or a symbol of peace. Make sure these religious emblems are not too loud or gaudy to get all the unwanted attention.  As any other necklaces that men wear, wearing this under your shirt would be a good decision.

Pendant necklaces

Necklaces with an attached pendant are also popular among men. These pendants are attached to a long leather cord or chain. You can personalize a pendant with the initials of your name, or you can attach a small photograph of your loved one or family to a pendant or engrave a favorite quote or religious verse of yours.

A pendant with inlaid precious and semi-precious stones is also quite common. You can wear it outside a t-shirt that is informal. However, with formals, it’s always best to keep your pendant necklace inside your shirt.

A Choker

Chokers have been around for a while now. These were popularised by the hippie culture. The hemp necklaces that are woven still continue to be popular among surfers and hippies. Another common style of a choker for men is the dog collar.

A choker has designs or ornaments on it and it clings to a person’s neck. As fashion continues to evolve leather and even ropes are being used for making chokers. Chokers made of metals are quite rare. It is best to avoid a choker with an ornament hanging in the front as it looks similar to a dog collar. Make sure that it isn’t too tight for your neck to avoid being uncomfortable while wearing this necklace.

Necklaces with beads

Beads are not just for women. Men wear beaded necklaces too. Beads are capable of adding a touch of vibrancy to any outfit worn by men. You need to choose the color of the beads carefully. Dark colored beads or gemstones with a pendant would work perfectly with a formal outfit. Choosing a beaded necklace that is lighter in color can be worn to an evening party.  

The different materials used for chains and cords

Necklace chains and cords come in different materials like precious and other metals, leather, rope, hemp, colored cords, and even ribbons. Among these ribbons are only worn along with a medal. When you have a chain of precious metal like gold, platinum, white gold or silver it needs to be seen. However, avoid chains that are huge or chunky to prevent unwanted attention.

A ball chain of steel would work perfectly with a long pendant. Leather cords are perfect choices with a casual wear. When you have a number of pendants you can pair it with different cords or chains each time to create a different look.

Length of the chain

The length of a choker necklace is very short and it is more suitable for a casual outfit. A mid-length chain can be worn under shirts and the length usually stays at the base of your neck. A long chain is perfect for pendants and you can keep it hidden inside your formal wear. You can wear a long chain with a pendant outside a casual wear like a t-shirt.

Men can definitely look good in a necklace if they know how to wear the right ones with their choice of outfit. Keep these tips in mind while choosing a necklace and wear it confidently.