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Getting a good night’s sleep can be a challenge for me.  We have been busier than ever lately, and I am finding it hard to feel rested more than ever.  I go from being very physically active at work, to making sure the kids get to all their activities and spending quality time as a family.  I have been exhausted, both mentally and physically.  So needless to say, it is important for me to be able to get a good quality rest at night.

Sweet Zzz Pillow

I have struggled with getting a better night’s sleep.  I have tried different kinds of bedding, and recently pillows have been a challenge for me.  It is hard to find just the right thickness or firmness.  Plus, I want something that is good quality, and that doesn’t become lumpy or bunched up over time.  We have gone through a lot of pillows that aren’t good quality and don’t hold up well.

I was excited to try out a Sweet Zzz Natural Pillow, because not only is comfort a huge factor, but we try to use natural products in our household.  I make a big effort to use products that are natural, as I don’t want to bring chemicals into my household when possible.  Talalay latex pillows are known for being non-toxic and breathable.  This pillow is class 1 of OEKO-TEX certified – this means that it is tested and certified safe for children and babies under 3.  There are so many chemicals in our world, I certainly don’t want to be putting my face on something that contains chemicals, and certainly not be exposing my kids to chemicals either.

I was worried that this might have a strong smell to it, but I could barely smell anything when I first opened it.  I was able to use it right away without any noticeable odor whatsoever.  I have used other products like memory foam mattress toppers that emitted an odor for weeks, and even some that I was never able to use because the smell lingered.  Not only does my Sweet Zzz not emit a smell, but you can use it right away.  There are memory foam pillows I have had that took days to fully expand, but the Sweet Zzz Natural pillow is ready to use right away because it is fully expanded.

The Sweet Zzz pillow is a great size, and is bigger than any other pillow I have used before.  I usually never think much of the size of my pillow but this is a substantial size and I really like having a good size pillow.  It provides a nice sleeping surface even as I roll around and roll over.  This is not one of those pillows where you find yourself having fallen off the pillow by morning.  I do roll around at night a lot, and between my husband and the cats on the bed, I find myself shifting around a lot on the bed – but with this pillow, I haven’t found myself hanging off my pillow or the side of the bed.

Sleep Zzz pillow

I noticed that the Sweet Zzz Latex Pillow is cooler than other pillows I have used in the past.  Cooling pillows really help me get a good night’s sleep. The latex and the cotton cover are both breathable and allows for good ventilation and air circulation.  I am the kind of person who likes to snuggle under a lot of blankets but crank up the fan on high, and this pillow is a very comfortable temperature.  I don’t feel hot or sweaty, and it is important for me that I don’t feel overheated when I sleep at night.

Sweet ZZZ pillow

The natural cotton cover is incredibly soft and comfortable, and it really does feel plush against my face even through a pillowcase.   I have had many pillows that don’t even have a removable cover, or the cover is just so thin.  The Sweet Zzz pillow cover is so soft and thick, and I don’t think I have ever had a pillow with such a substantial cover.  I have thrown away many pillows in the past because they were compromised when something got on the cover and I wasn’t able to remove and wash it.  This pillow is truly an investment, since you can wash it regularly.

I like natural fabrics like cotton, which feel better on my skin than synthetics.  Unlike some other products, both the cotton cover and the Talalay latex are natural, so you know that your pillow is safe both inside and out.  Along with the pillow being breathable, the natural fabrics feel better to me overall.  I always like the feel of a cotton or other natural fiber against my skin.

Sleep ZZZ pillow

I love that my Sweet Zzz pillow is washable too, because with our busy lives, it’s nice to know that my pillow is protected by a washable cover.  Between kids and pets and all the craziness in our household, I like to be able to wash my pillow covers whether it is a routine washing or there is some kind of mess.  It’s great to be able to extend the life of my pillow with regular washings.  You can remove the cover by just unzipping it and taking it off, and no worries about things like shredded memory foam making a huge mess.  The latex pillow is a single piece, so no worries about trying to fit everything back in to the pillow case.

Sweet ZZZ pillow

The latex pillow itself is a single piece, so it maintains its shape inside the pillowcase – no worries about shifting, bunching, lumps, etc.  I have lost a lot of pillows because they have become misshapen.  I have issues with pillows shifting and not providing enough support.  Lately I have struggled with my shoulder hurting in the morning or having a stiff neck in the morning, but the Sweet Zzz Pillow has just enough of a shape to stay tucked between my neck and shoulder, so that I don’t just sink into the bed and end up feeling sore in the morning.

So how does it feel?  I have never had a latex pillow before, so this was a new experience for me.  I have tried my share of traditional fill, foam, goose down, and shredded memory foam.  While memory foam pillows seemed promising, I have found that they aren’t great as far as keeping you cool, and tend to feel lumpy.

Sweet zzz

I also learned recently how memory foam can be very toxic, exposing you to a variety of chemicals.  I always noticed a strong chemical odor with any memory foam products, and it is a relief to try out the Sweet Zzz Latex Pillow and experience no chemical smell.  I never liked the odor from memory foam, and it is disturbing to learn just how many chemicals I was exposed to every time I was using my memory foam pillows.  It is a relief that the Sweet Zzz pillow is safe for me to use and not have to worry about bringing chemicals in my home, especially considering we have young children.

These Sweet Zzz pillows and other products are designed, sourced and manufactured in America.  I love being able to shop for products that are produced right here in the US, especially when I am supporting a product that is natural and free of chemicals.  Not only that, but you can try out the pillow with a risk-free trial – plus it has a warranty.  The Sweet Zzz Latex pillow is a high-quality product that is well-made with so many great features.  A great products and also makes for a great gift idea!

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