Moving house can be a particularly stressful time for most people. This is especially true if you do not have much of a crossover between the property you are vacating and the new property. There is a great deal to think about and consider even before the moving actually begins and for a good few weeks after. But don’t let that put you off, it can be a really exciting time for you!

A good option to discuss upfront is whether you should pay to get professional packers to help make the process smoother or if you have the time and want to do it yourself. Other important questions to discussion with the family is whether you think you should hire a van or whether moving boxes by Hire A Box would better suit your set up. It is good to lock in these things early on as getting these things organised early should prevent any last minute stressful decisions.


Another good idea is to find out the utility supplier in your new neighbour ahead of cancelling your existing supplier. Ending a utility contract is the perfect time to shop around and, if you can and want to stay with your current supplier, negotiate a discount to reside at your new property. Furthermore by being on top of these administration tasks it means you will have an approximate idea of the cost of your final bill as well as have electricity set up in your new place ready for the kettle to be plugged in to help sustain the moving process.

Pack for emergencies

This box should include the much needed essentials in the new property. Depending on your needs you can either pack this box first or last. We’ve always found that the emergency items you need to help move are also the things you need in the old property to help you get through cleaning and fixing up the final patches. Things like the kettle, coffee, tea bags, the bare minimum of tableware and cutlery as well as toilet paper. Once packed make sure you label this box clearly as this will be your saving grace if things get hard.


It is a good idea to start being proactive with your packing as soon as you know your offer has been successful. There is a high likelihood that you will underestimate the amount of packing and cleaning required. Therefore, by starting early you will hopefully end up with the perfect about of time.


It will also enable you to only pack the items you wish to take to your new home and give you enough time to sell or recycle the items you no longer require. Decluttering can be a great feeling and good for adding closure. People say it frees up space physically as well as mentally. Therefore if you have time it will set you off on the right footing in your new home.


Although cleaning can be seen as a chore is can also be purifying. The repeated action, the simplicity of removing the old and dirty to reveal the new is surprisingly satisfying. Try pairing the cleaning process with your favourite music or podcast to keep your hands free but you mind occupied.


Creating and crafting your new home together will be one of the best part about moving. It is a new clean slate for you to create the home that fits your needs and desires. Although at times the stress may get to you and your family member, knowing deep down that it is the right decision is the greatest reason to be excited about moving.