Are you a victim of social anxiety? Do you want to get rid of the depressive jitters? Social anxiety can be toxic. It affects your mental health and makes you feel you are no good to the world. However, why fall prey to that snare? Be confident, learn to face your fears and overcome the murky apprehensions. Remember, no one’s perfect and you can only try to hone your personality for the best. Below are a few tips to help you flay any signs of social anxiety.


Face Your Fears

The best way to overcome your anxious feelers about social interaction and your behavior is to face your fears. Be bold; take on the challenge instead of hiding away those apprehensive emotions inside. All that will bubble up to make you feel less confident and depressed. Muster up the courage to face different types of social situations like meeting new people, discussing a social or buzzing trend, selling the house to a cash buyer, making a friend or attending a party or corporate event. If dressing up for an event makes you anxious about people’s comments and stares, why not take a friend along or anyone from your family. Work on your personality; step up your body image. Get a haircut, buy modern clothes, enroll yourself in a grooming class and get that perfect smile on.

Talk To A Friend

It is a good idea to share your fears and thoughts with a loved one. I find it a very productive self-strategy and a general rule of life for avoiding anxiety. Whether you are worried about neighbors holding a grudge against you or your boss has taken a dislike toward you, let out your fears and all the negative feelings you are keeping stacked inside. If you have just been through a divorce and the associated emotional conflict is affecting your confidence, shun the depressive thoughts, discuss with your friend, consult a good local family law attorney and deal with it like a pro. If you are just going to mull over and feel bad about it, it will lead to more depressive emotions. Talk it out and clear your mind.

Take a Breather

Instead of letting the negative thoughts preoccupy your mind like worrying about how to deal with a customer, getting scared of giving a presentation to a group of business professionals or hosting a family luncheon with relatives around, let go the fretting. That is only going to make you feel more depressed. Focus on relaxing away your brain and take a deep breath. As soon as you notice signs of anxiety flaring up inside your body, spring to action and take control of your emotions. Think positive and engage yourself in light breathing workout to slow down your heart rate and your thoughts.

Be Realistic

It is a possibility that you just might be overthinking about your social interaction and thinking is not really reality. What you think of as scary and bad may otherwise be really good and easy in real life. You have control over your thoughts. Go for a paradigm shift and transform the shady, gloomy and murky thoughts into pleasant and more positive one. It may be challenging at first but you need to take these small steps to overcome the bigger problem of suffering from this cognitive disorder.

Shift Your Attention And Focus

I find it helpful to shift my attention to what the person conversing with me is saying rather than pondering about what to say next. Most of us often tend to subconsciously do that and at times it makes us anxious. What should I say? or what if I say something stupid?. All these fears are directly related to your attention toward the hidden apprehensions. Shift your attention to other, positive areas to think coherently and take control of the situation.