Before the industrial revolution, nearly every embroidered product was stitched by hand. Now, however, there are machines that can handle embroidery work, you can learn about the best embroidery digitizing software. However, a machine might not necessarily be your best option for an embroidered product. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of hand embroidery.


Pro: Hand Embroidery Allows You to Create Unique and Stunning Designs

Because embroidery machines can be purchased by anyone, the designs that they create aren’t all that unique. If you want your embroidery work to feel truly special, you’ll want to choose hand embroidery.

If you’ve had the chance to compare hand embroidered products to machine-embroidered products, the difference is clear. Products that were embroidered by hand can look like a work of art. There are a lot of people that will pay premium prices for the high quality hand embroidery designs.

Pro: Hand Embroidery Gives You the Chance to Flex Your Creative Muscles

Machine embroidered products may be uniform, but they aren’t very creative. There’s no real passion behind the design process, and these products simply don’t have the personal charm that a lot of hand embroidered product possess.

If you want to sell products that are a showcase for creativity, hand embroidery is your clear choice. It won’t always be perfect or precise, but it will be imaginative. A talented artist can do all kinds of things with embroidery. You’d be amazed by some of the things a creative mind can accomplish. You can even show off your hand embroidery skills using an embroidery kit.

Con: Hand Embroidery Is More Expensive

While hand embroidery can yield stunning results, the process usually takes a long time. Usually, you have to hire an artisan for hand embroidery projects if you want professional-quality results. This isn’t cheap, especially if you’re asking them to do a lot of embroidery work for you.

When you’re deciding whether not to use hand embroidery, one of the main factors you’ll have to look at is what it will cost you. While a machine that does embroidery work can be a big investment, it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Con: Hand Embroidery Can Limit Your Production Rate

If you’re planning on selling embroidered products, you’ll have to provide enough products to meet demand. Unfortunately, choosing hand embroidery can make it difficult to produce the quantities that you need. Even if you hire multiple embroiderers, an individual can’t match the pace of your machine.

If there are specific production numbers you have to hit, hand embroidery might not be a viable option for you. Think about how many embroidered products you need to produce in a given period of time. From there, try to figure out whether or not you could hit those goals with hand embroidery.

While machine embroidery is extremely common, it hasn’t completely replaced hand embroidery. There is definitely still a demand for products that are embroidered by hand. If you’re trying to decide between hand and machine embroidery, it’s wise to consider the benefits and disadvantages of both options. You can decide what to do from there.