Replacing your water heater comes with a decision: rent or buy. As it turns out, where you live can determine whether you’re more likely to rent or buy, but both options are usually available. Buying your water heater means you pay more up-front but don’t have to keep paying for an appliance that can last around 10 years. Renting saves you the up-front costs and installations. But to see the benefits of renting your water heater, you have to look past the immediate expenses and consider things like maintenance and service. That’s where renting a water heater can really start to make sense.

Rent Buy Water Heater

These are some of the benefits of renting your water heater in addition to paying zero up-front costs.

Affordable Monthly Rates: The monthly cost of renting a water heater from the right company is typically affordable. The low monthly rates cover the cost of the water heater itself, installation costs you would otherwise have to pay, and maintenance including parts and labor. You’re not just paying for the water heater itself, you’re also paying for convenience and maintenance. The average water heater needs service once every five years, although tankless water heaters should undergo regular maintenance to flush out mineral deposits and scaling.

Maintenance Included: Renting your water heater means that maintenance is included. If you’re not looking forward to unexpected maintenance costs, rental is for you. It’s easier to budget monthly rental costs rather than anticipate unexpected maintenance. Replacing parts in your water heater and paying a technician can quickly become expensive. If you own your water heater, you will need Heating Repair Services to address any issues that may arise.

24/7 Live Support: Not every problem needs a technician. When you have a problem with your water heater late at night or during a holiday, you don’t want to wait even a minute for a technician to arrive. You just want your hot water back. Many water heater companies today now offer 24/7 live support for any water heater issues you may have. If you can’t fix it, a technician will come whenever you need them to.

Same-Day Service: When hot water won’t come out of the taps, all you want is for the problem to go away. Many reputable water heater companies offer same-day service when you rent a water heater. When you want a headache-free water heater, rental with same-day service delivers that assurance.

Experienced Technicians: Few experiences are more frustrating than calling a service technician into your home and have them claim to fix the problem, only to watch your water heater break again in a matter of days. Companies that rent water heaters have experienced, capable technicians visit your home. They fix the problem and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You don’t get that kind of guarantee when you find a technician on Craigslist.

Before you choose to rent or buy, research companies and water heaters and make sure you’re getting the most out of your rental agreement. Expect maintenance and quick, quality service when you rent a water heater.