Most people will experience 2 or 3 dental emergencies at some stage of their life and while it is always a stressful experience, finding the right dentist plays a key role in making the experience as pleasant as possible. There are many dentists, which isn’t surprising when you look at population numbers, which can make the search for a good clinic even harder, and an emergency dentist should be seen as soon as possible. Whatever the issue, it will likely be painful, and if there’s one constant in dentistry, it is that the pain will always increase in intensity, so the sooner you sit in that comfy dentist’s chair, the better.  And if you’re looking for a reputable dentist for yourself, visit this Dentist in Worcester MA soon.

Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentists

Unlike hospitals, where life threatening conditions exist, the dental surgery will not be open 24/7. Emergency dental treatment is viewed as something “non-life-threatening”, and the worst that could happen is you have to wait until the next morning. While you cannot receive immediate treatment, there are clinics that have an out of hours telephone line, which allows you to seek the advice of a dentist and by booking the first available slot the next morning, you can focus on the dentist’s advice which would likely include over-the-counter painkillers, such as paracetomol.

A Patient-Friendly Approach

The ideal practitioner would be one that is sympathetic with patients who are in pain and has the knack of taking away any fears or apprehensions you may have. Many dentists have mastered the art of making the patient feel relaxed and this is even more important with an emergency. If you happen to be in Australia, finding an emergency dentist in North Shore who is patient-friendly will certainly pay dividends, as you know where to go the next time you experience serious toothache.

Reserved Appointment Times

Emergency Dentist

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The emergency dentist has many regular patients to see, yet he or she will set aside a couple of appointment slots every day, which will be used for any emergencies. If you have been suffering with toothache all night, you will definitely be able to see the dentist the following day, either in the morning or afternoon. Two dentists might collaborate and between them, provide emergency care on a daily basis, so you will never be more than a few hours away from your appointment.

Think Local

When looking for an emergency dental clinic, you must bear in mind that there might be occasions when you have to drive home after having the emergency treatment, therefore focus your search on a certain radius. With an emergency dental issue, time could be of the essence, and if the surgery is but a couple of minutes’ drive away, this is ideal. If you were to lose a tooth while playing rugby and managed to find the tooth, it is very important to see the dentist as soon as possible, with the tooth carefully stored in a container.


While no one wants to experience a dental emergency, teeth do get knocked out, chipped or infected, and when this happens, it is important to find an emergency dentist who is patient-friendly and can soon put you at ease.