Western Boots

Image via Flickr by allie444

Western boot styles are not all one and the same. The classic boot has many variations, and each lends itself to a particular taste or style. However, you don’t have to be a ranch hand or a cattle rustler to choose the right type of boot for your next outfit. If you’re new to Western boots or you just want to up your fashion game, here are some of the styles to consider for your next purchase.

Classic Western Boots

To start your foray into Western boots, you might as well go with the classic. These boots are what most people conjure up when they think of a cowboy or cowgirl boot, standing about 12 inches high and hitting you mid-calf. At about 2 inches, the heel is taller than other options, but if you’re on the shorter side, it’s a welcomed feature.  These boots can also range from plain to ornate, and Justin Boots from Russell’s offer both varieties for a simplistic or attention-grabbing addition to your ensemble. Or, Ariat mens square toe cowboy boots offer a modern twist on the classic western boot.

Roper Boots

You might not have the lasso-throwing, hog-tying, barrel-riding expertise as some of the men and women on the rodeo circuit, but you can enjoy the same foot comfort and style. Made with thinner leather and a lighter sole than classic Western boots, roper boots were originally favored by rodeo athletes because they were easier to run in, but durable enough to withstand competitions.

You might not have to handle cattle or run a mile in these boots, but the addition of a rubber sole and the lighter weight will definitely make it easier to wear roper boots for an extended period. If you’re headed out on the dance floor, you might not find a better choice.

Shortie Boots

Depending on your outfit, you might not need a boot that rises halfway up your calf. Sometimes, these taller boots are uncomfortable or hot in certain weather or scenarios, giving shortie boots the upper hand. Also known as ankle boots and measuring in at somewhere between 6 and 10 inches, shortie boots were first manufactured to save money on materials, passing along a lower cost to consumers while still offering the same functionality.

Today, shortie boots are popular pairings for urban cowgirls, offering a cute addition to dresses, skirts, or classic denim cutoffs. Best of all, shorties are casual enough for a night on the town, yet dressy enough to wear to semiformal events.

Buckaroo Boots

If you want to add flair to an outfit, choose buckaroo boots. Traditionally worn for show instead of work, these boots are more ornate than the others, offering an array of leather, materials, stitching, inlays, and design. Standing in at about 14 inches, they’re taller than other boots, so if you want to show them off, pair them with a skirt, short dress, or pair of shorts.

From comfortable, everyday footwear to a showy centerpiece of your outfit, Western boots offer enough styles to become versatile and valuable parts of any woman’s closet.