Read Your Story

I was so fascinated to see how custom children’s books caught the attention of my 5 year old son who always showed reluctance to reading. When my friend Caroline suggested buying custom children’s books, I initially was not very convinced that my son Mike would show interest. But Caroline didn’t give up, she kept assuring how custom children’s books turned the interest of her children towards reading. Caroline’s gentle nudging didn’t prove wrong. I finally ordered a custom children’s book from Read Your Story and was marveled to see Mike stuck to his first book day and night. The first book I order from Read Your Story was A Monster Mess! Mike Has a Big Adventure. Mike was thrilled to see him featured in the story. It really caught his interest to reading. He was often seen with the book turning pages and seeing himself in the book. He would say with excitement, “Dad! Dad! See I am in the book”. I was totally excited to read aloud the same book again and again sitting next to him. I would say, “See…Mike is ready for an adventure now”. As we go through the book together Mike’s joy seemed no bounds. He was proud to tell others how he is featured in a book. He would tell them “It is Mike’s book…” and narrate the whole adventure to his aunt, uncle and grandparents.

Mike never had interest in books. Being little hyperactive it was often difficult to get his attention to sit with books. No matter how great the picture books for children were, I often struggled to get his attention, when I read him a book. He was distracted with the toys he held in hands. When I tried to draw his attention and make him look at the pictures in the books as I read them, I failed to sustain his interest. However, custom children’s books made a magic to Mike. He got so engulfed in reading the book, that I often see him holding or run with the book than any of his favorite toy. When I bought him his first book, A Monster Mess! Mike Has a Big Adventure, Mike was so surprised to see himself in the story. “Mom! That’s me”, he said with his eyes wide opened. After that he never left that book. He was excited to see his pictures in almost all the pages of the book and that too as a hero or an adventurer on a mission.

I am so thankful to Read Your Story team that it made it a real wonder to my son. These books are written by Kelly DiPucchio, the bestselling author of the New York Times.It’s no surprise that the books customized by Read Your Story has received the ‍2017 National Parenting Product Award, Book of the Year Award and is a featured product in Creative Child Magazine 2017. Moreover, I am marveled by the way the company responded to my request when placing an order. Not only are the books personalized but the customer service provided is also personalized. They asked me to send a couple of pictures of Mike to be pasted throughout the book. After a few days they even called back saying that the picture resolution were not good and asked me to send something with more clarity. They also have an option to place a family picture in the book. I was excited and gave a family picture with Mike, his cousins, parents, grandparents and uncles and aunts. When Mike saw the family picture in the book, he was very happy. He was glad to see his cousins and grandparents’photo pasted in the book. Being the only son, Mike was very happy to see that the whole family was in his book.

After having placed the order I was very curious to know how the book would come out. But to my surprise the book came out well beyond my expectations. The colors and quality of the book was excellent. Being made with Mohawk paper the quality of the paper was thick, archival and acid-free. Moreover, the company gave me an option to customize the front cover page by selecting from 5 different colors. I also got to preview the book online before it was sent out for print. Their attention to detail is something that really touched my heart.

I got so excited with custom children’s books that I began buying them as gifts whenever there was a birthday, or special occasion to give gifts. Like Caroline, I soon began spreading the word about Read Your Story to my friends, relatives and to all whom I knew. I also ordered an ABC’s With Me! book for my nephew Shaun. I was doubly thrilled to have a special dedication page added in the book. There is an option to state to whom the book is dedicated and by whom. This is the best way of giving a keepsake gift to all your loved ones. My sister-in-law got equally thrilled with the book. She called me and said how Shaun gotreally involved reading his new alphabets book. She told that the book did same magic on Shaun as it did on Mike. She loved the book so much that she began ordering other products like Newborn Posters and books to send it as gifts.

Now that Read Your Book has become like a family product for us, we decided that we will share about these books to all who have kids and toddlers and who are young readers. I have never seen any book that can capture the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. My parents liked it so much that they read it again and again with Shaun and Mike whenever they come to stay with us. Read Your Story is coming up with another new product in their book series and I am sure mom’s out there are waiting to customize it for their children and send it out as gifts.