Woodworking Shop Tools

The jig is up. It’s no secret anymore, woodworking is an art form. It’s in your heart and in your soul. You are a master craftsman and your tools are extensions of your very imagination. Wood is your medium. You see the finished product before you even pick up a tool.

Speaking of tools

The world of woodworking involves a vast array of tools. That’s why we love it so. Accumulating the instruments for your craft is every bit as important as the work you produce with them. Stocking your coveted workshop with the most common, to the most specialized tools is a large part of the life of the woodworker. Whether it is commercial construction, fine furniture or anything in between, your pallet is comprised of the finest wood and your canvas is your very imagination.

One of the mainstays of any workshop is the mighty miter saw. There is a full range of different styles of power miter saws. The basic models can handle most simple cuts, and this tool typically gets the most use for any project. Such uses for the miter saw include, but are not limited to:

  • Butt joints
  • Cross cuts
  • Angled joints
  • Beveled cuts
  • Compound angle cuts

And much more. The biggest workload for the miter saw is typically trim work and fine finish carpentry. Many other crafts and jobs are easily handled by the versatile miter saw.

Woodworking Shop Tools

Hand Tools

Most woodworking requires finish work and fine detail work. Again, there are myriad tools out there, each designed for very specific work, and you need them all, right? Of course you do! From the humble hammer to the precision of a quality hand planer, hand tools will give life to your project, and they are critical, key parts to any wood shop. When starting out, there are base tools that are a must, and there is a virtual ocean of information online to sift through, however, for a quick list of hand tools for the beginner, info abounds.

More Power To You

We all think we know it all until we are put to task in front of friends and fellow woodworkers. It’s all good though. Again, there are the venerable workhorses in each workshop. These include the table saw for ripping; the radial arm saw for cross cuts; the drill press and the table sander.

Specialty Tools

Woodworking, as mentioned, is an art form, and there are very special tools that are designed to do very special things. Referring back to the miter saw, the work of miter cuts involves the fastening of joints. This requires special help. The pocket hole jig is an invention to give that very help. For more information on pocket hole jigs and to see what available on market, go to this article. Pocket hole joinery is perhaps one of the skills that requires real talent. That’s why special tools get invented. Aside from pocket hole technology, some more of the most useful specialized tools are:

  • Hand planers
  • Chisels
  • Coping saws
  • Combination square
  • Doweling jig

Of course, this is a very short list, and if a more complete list of woodworkers hand tools is of interest to you, this is the place: Basic Tools

Beautiful work can be produced with these tools. The art of woodworking is an age old tradition, and each craftsman is a unique artist.

For a more comprehensive list that also includes some of the most important woodworking power tools, check out this article.