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A few years ago, we enjoyed “Mindful Moments for Kids”, a children’s album from Kira Willey, who is a kids yoga expert, author, and songwriter.  This June, she released her fifth album, “Every Voice”, designed to uplift and inspire young people.

Every Voice encourages kids to dream and be positive, and to reach for their goals.  I love the positive vibe of the songs and lyrics.  In a world that can be so negative and where kids can struggle to feel good about themselves, this is a refreshing source of happiness.

The songs are cheerful and are perfect for singing along.  This CD is definitely one to put you in a good mood and thinking happy thoughts.

I recognized Laurie Berkner’s vocals on the “Dream it Up” track, which is a fun piece between the ukulele instrumentals and duet between Berkner and Willey.

Kira Willey

I love the concept of this CD, and just the beautiful vocals, instrumentals, and positivity in this album.  My daughter goes to middle school next year and these are the kinds of positive messages I would like her to take with her as she embarks on a new journey at a new school, which isn’t always easy for kids.

Check out “Real Girls” here:

  1. Brand New Day 
  2. Real Girl 
  3. Heartbeat 
  4. Dream It Up 
  5. Every Voice
  6. Hello Hope 
  7. The Leader In Me 
  8. Roots 
  9. Community 
  10. Come On In 
  11. Home 
  12. Kindness Mantra 


Kira Willey’s “Every Voice”

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