Some things go together such as bread and butter, pen and paper and similarly pregnancy and yoga. Yoga is an ancient art that helps to keep the mind and body agile and healthy, through things like prenatal vitamins and exercise.

Every woman at the time of pregnancy undergoes some form of emotional and bodily discomfort, and yoga can be useful here due to its holistic nature. During this phase women generally go through fatigue, mood swings, difficulty in breathing and leg cramps. It is here where breathing exercises and yoga postures can help a great deal to relax the body and the mind.

Pregnant woman cradling her belly

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Prenatal Yoga

There is not much you need to take up prenatal yoga. Find a yoga mat and some comfortable maternity clothing. Non-slip yoga socks are also a good idea so that you can feel secure and stable.

A prenatal yoga session typically will include the following namely,

  • Gentle and Soft Stretching- Various parts of the body including the arms, hands and the neck will be moved and stretched gently.
  • Focus on Breathing- It will focus on different breathing techniques, so a woman will be told to breathe in air and also breathe out.
  • Posture Practices – The woman will be made to move the body in various positions while lying, standing and sitting. Such postures will help to improve balance, strength, and flexibility.
  • Cooling Down – The final step will include relaxing the ligaments and muscles and also restoring the breathing rhythm. It is the cooling down phase that will help in offering inner peace and self-awareness.

If you do not take a course on yoga, you can find books and other aids to teach you the basics of prenatal yoga.

How Pregnant Women Can Benefit from Yoga?

Below are the different ways in which an expecting/pregnant woman can benefit from yoga namely,

  • Control the Stress Level- First and foremost, yoga will help to control the level of stress. The hormonal changes that take place in the body tend to keep a woman emotionally drained, resulting in pressure. Expecting mothers are suggested to keep themselves relaxed and stress-free for the baby’s sound and proper development. The breathing exercises will calm the brain and relax the mind and body alike. Besides, it will also help to boost up the supply of oxygen to the fetus that is developing, resulting in a healthy baby. In fact, the different yogic techniques and exercises they teach will help to calm the mind that is perturbed and offer a soothing effect.  
  • Develop Strength and Stamina- The yogic exercise will help in strengthening the core muscles both of the pelvic region and the abdomen. It will prove highly advantageous for an expecting woman at the time of labor. The breathing exercises further will help in enhancing their stamina that can help for an easy labor. It is breathing that plays a crucial part during labor and yoga during the prenatal stage will control the tension within the body via breathing exercises that in turn will help to facilitate a smooth delivery.
  • Reduce Back Pain- Yoga during the prenatal stage will help to reduce back pain and also pregnancy-related nausea. It is useful to reduce the susceptibility of the mother to antenatal depression thereby ensuring sound sleep. The yoga poses will strengthen and stretch the tissues and muscles related to the hamstrings, hips and the lower back. It is a relaxed body that can help in proper digestion which in turn will help to develop the immune system.
  • Help in Digestion- During the growth of the baby inside the mother’s digestive system will take a hit while the organs will be fighting for space. It will make the digestive system to lose the regularity and result in gas, bloating, constipation and indigestion. The forward folds will help in regularizing digestion and improve the digestive flow.
  • Mental Preparation- Yoga will help a pregnant woman to handle their pregnancy-related fear and apprehensions. It will assist in developing a proactive and positive approach to labor and establish a favorable mindset. The expecting mother will learn in being comfortable in their exhausted state. Through yoga, you can further concrete, valuable qualities like determination, patience, and courage. She can breathe comfortably and control the rhythm herself. In a way, this will prepare her mentally for childbirth while she develops control and confidence.
  • Connect with the Developing Baby– During pregnancy, most women overlook their care. Yoga postures can offer a pregnant woman with the time to pamper her. In this hustle bustle life, yoga will help to relax and calm the mind to help the woman focus on things which takes place inside her. Besides, it will help to strengthen the bond between the mother and the baby by reducing the physical fatigue. All in all, it will make the pregnancy phase memorable and enjoyable.
  • Chance of Normal Childbirth- A woman’s chance to have normal childbirth will be more if she practices yoga at the time of pregnancy. In fact, the abdominal muscles will strengthen and tone through yogic exercises. The best part is it will also reduce labor anxiety as well as improve physical comfort.
  • Reduce Delivery Pain– Yoga will help to reduce the pain that women experience during pregnancy. It will help to induce conscious breathing during labor, and at the same time, it will also help to regulate blood pressure and heart rate. As a result, it will allow better control over pain resulting in easy delivery.
  • Stay Active- Yogic exercises will break the fatigue and lethargy commonly experienced during pregnancy. The feel happy hormones will be released for generating well-being. The result will be the expectant mother will experience a feeling of abundance and happiness. Keep pregnancy blues at bay with yogic exercises.
  • Post-Delivery Perks- Apart from the benefits mentioned above, yoga will also help a woman to get back into her pre-pregnant shape. Just start the exercises 7-8 weeks post delivery and get back in shape.

Yoga and breathing exercises can burn calories, improve muscular strength and enhance flexibility. All in all, it will help to cater to a pregnant mother’s fitness needs. Resting on the need, one can get her exercise regime customized from moderate, rigorous to a more meditative kind. So, for a happy pregnancy, stay fit, stay healthy, stay cheerful. All the Best!!!