There were glittery nail polishes. Then, came the metallic shine and then came the matte nail lacquers. At the moment, the chrome nail polish trend is strong, and the only way to achieve the modern chic look without going all out on your manicure budget is by opting for the holographic polishes. These cosmic colors have the power to give you salon-like finishes with one smooth swipe. From silver to ultraviolet, you will find all the shades you desire in the cosmic holographic collection.

Holographic Nail Polishes

Holographic vs. the mundane: nail polishes you need right now

Hitting the clubs tonight? There is no way you can leave home without the galaxy on your hands (nails, more precisely). Holographic nail polishes are a notch above the usual sparkly nail polish deal you may have used already. No trendy fashionista can leave home without a dose of the “magic goop” on her nails today. It is a drug of choice for the glitter addicts, who love to match their nails to their metallic clutches and stilettos.  

You may be unimpressed by several holographic nail paint variants your local makeup and beauty brands are offering right now. However, holographic is not the same as metallic or shimmery. If your current nail polish brand is using these words interchangeably, it is time for you to check out a new brand that promises true holographic tones. It is a particular kind of shimmer or glitter. Although they do not have the 3-dimensional effect, the term holograph conjures. These nail polishes create a rainbow effect that seems to fly out of the painted nails.

How do holographic nail paints pack the magic?

Not a lot of people have seen the pure magic of holographic nail paints yet since they are hard to come by. It is effortless to tell them apart from metallic and gel lacquers. The primary components of these polish breaks the white light striking the surface of the element, by bending it in multiple directions and fracturing it into several wavelengths to create a palette of colors that resemble a natural rainbow. In fact, that is precisely how the water molecules in the atmosphere form rainbows.

What are the different types of holo you can choose?

You can think of it as preserving a part of nature and its magic in a bottle. The holographic nail polishes have several variants, including:

  1. Linear holo – this one flows smoothly on rough nails as well. You can skip the buffering and manicures, to directly jump to the paint process.
  2. Holographic glitter – the tiny specs of holographic matter in colored or clear polish produce irregular spangles. It gives the effect of diamond-encrusted nails.
  3. Scattered holo – these are much smaller than the former one. The particles do not have larger distinguishable shapes. They have an irregular rainbow-like effect that creates an almost natural sheen.

To complete any party ensemble and to add the necessary oomph to any occasion, you must have a bottle of sunshine in your bag. These dual-toned and multi-chrome polishes give you the secret weapon that can help you steal the show at every par-tay!