A 7-speed bike is the type of bike most people consider suitable for riding on delicate terrain. Courtesy of its complex design, a 7-speed bike can withstand the effects of road bumps, inclines and other complex conditions. While planning to ride on bumpy roads, lots of people prefer to use 7-speed bikes.

In design, a 7-speed bike features a standard gearing system with cogs of various sizes. These cogs are positioned outwardly and can be moved with the aid of a derailleur.

With the help of its higher gears, a 7-speed bike makes way for a pleasurable ride downward a slope. Also, the lower gears of the bike allows for convenient pedaling. If you’re a cyclist who rides on different kinds of terrain, you’re very likely to enjoy your riding experience while using a 7-speed bike.

Convenience is one of the qualities most people admire in 7-speed bikes. The set-up of a 7-speed bike allows cyclists to adjust the gears as it pleases them.

For novices, 7-speed bikes might seem a little difficult to operate but expert cyclists find them comfortable and user-friendly. Meanwhile, you would find a 7-speed bike easy to use provided you first devote ample time to learning the basics.

The structure of a 7-speed bike is quite complex and the downside to this situation is that you may have to perform a full repair on your bike when a single cog breaks.

Types of 7-Speed Bikes

The modern 7-speed bikes out there often come in three types. Each type of 7-speed bike has pros, cons and the category of people it suits best. Let’s take a look at the three major types of 7-speed bikes.

Cruisers: Most of the 7-speed bikes out there fall under this type. Put simply, cruisers are well-decorated and bright-coloured bikes for fun rides probably to a friend’s home. They are designed with comfortable frames and sizeable tyres. Meanwhile, their traditional name has long remained ‘beach bikes’.

City Bikes: Commonly dubbed ‘Dutch bikes’, city bikes are predominantly found in European cities. They’re elegant and smart-looking bikes mostly used by workers who prefer to ride bikes to office and still appear professional. Most city bikes are built to suit users’ preferences in terms of customization. There’s always an option to add to the look of your city bike probably by doubling up the comfortable seat or including a rear-mounted rack for storage purposes. Besides being customizable, city bikes for sale are damn easy for workers of all kinds to pedal and ride.

Folding Bikes: People admire these bikes for their folding abilities. If you prefer covering average distances while taking leisurely rides from one cranny of your urban neighborhood to another, you’re very likely to make great fun with foldable bikes. Although many people believe they are rather thin on the ground, folding bikes have expanded in popularity over the past ten years. A few users are of the opinion that these variety of 7-speed bike aren’t as durable as the rest. Research has proven them wrong.