How to Organize a Successful Bake Sale

Bake sales are great ways to raise money, whether it’s for your child’s school, or their after-school program, or a local sports team. Not every family can afford to share in the costs, and every child should have a chance to get a new uniform or participate in a school trip. Bake sales can be the perfect solution. Everyone can contribute, and the proceeds can go towards your child’s school or organization. In order for you reach your monetary goal with your bake sale, however, you are going to have to prepare in advance.

Get A Specific Group On Board

The easiest way to ensure your bake sale is a success is to get a specific group or team on board. Trying to get everyone in question involved will be a daunting task, but by making a pact with a smaller group of the best bakers, you can ensure that regardless of what the other parents do, your bake sale will have a good selection of goods to offer. If you can, try to make this baking into a social event and cook together. Once you have a good team put together, you can then green-light the bake sale.

Selecting a Date and a Venue

The next step to any successful bake sale is choosing the best date and venue for it. If there is a local event, either at your child’s school or in your community, you automatically have the perfect opportunity for your bake sale. All you need to do is contact the event organizers and see if you can represent your child’s school or team at their event. They will likely have rules you will have to adhere to, but it’s a great way to add to the vibrancy of the event itself and sell a lot of baked goods at the same time. If there isn’t an event going on in your town, then consider setting up several booths at popular destinations. You will again have to get the permission of the property owner, but setting up a small bake sale every day outside the grocery store can help you raise the money that you need.  

Baking Tips for All-Inclusive Goodies

One of the most important parts of a bake sale is to ensure that everyone is safe eating what you make. It means choosing items that do not contain nuts at the very least and offering at least one item that is gluten-free. From there, remember to print out a list of all the ingredients used in the items, as well as a disclaimer to put in front of each baked goods. Try to organize so that you have a variety of goods for different people. You can offer vegan baked goods that contain coconut sugar and other alternatives to cater to the younger groups or those with specific allergies. By marketing properly and having a variety of different choices, you can sell more items to more people, thus reaching your goal.


Bake sales are a great way to fundraise for any cause. They can help your child’s sports team afford to go to a tournament that they’ve qualified for, or they can help pay for new supplies for an after-school program. By working together both with the other parents and with your own children, you can bond together, teach valuable lessons, and better your child’s after-school experience.