Today the world is running in a forward motion without having any sort of destination.  Well, the internet has created so many opportunities that people using it are not at all looking back.  To some extent, this attitude is good. The more you interact with others, the more you will learn from them.  Social media helps you in interacting with others very easily. It consists of a collective contribution of online communications channels which are meant to serve the community and their interactions.  Sharing of information through messages, videos or pictures are possible in social media and very fast also.

You may be doubting that when you can interact freely with the social media network, then what is the need for social media plugins?

WordPress and Plugins

Even before we proceed further, let me brief you about WordPress and Plugins. WordPress can be referred as blogging platform which will help you in posting or creating blogs easily. In simple words, it is a platform where you can create wonders by using certain plugins along with your posts or blogs. A plugin can be described as a feature which is made to do certain functions.

Benefits of developing a website on WordPress platform

Creating a website on WordPress platform gives unlimited options. WordPress is a useful platform where adding and deleting plugins is very easy and can be done by anyone with little bit of technical knowledge. However, the points mentioned below help you in installing a plugin in WordPress Blog.

  • Firstly, you need to download the plugin you wish to install on your computer.   
  • Now go to your WordPress admin area and choose plugins.
  • Select Add New option.
  • When you browse the plugin archive, you find a number of plugins, select the one you wish to install.
  • Then by clicking install now option, your job ends as the plugin will the installed easily.

The same way, knowledge of uninstalling unnecessary plugins is also essential.  Follow the steps mentioned below to complete the task of uninstalling the plugin from the WordPress blog:

  • Go to the Installed Plugins link and click on the Plugins menu
  • Select the plugin you wish to uninstall.
  • You will find a Deactivate link option. Now click the option.
  • You will get Delete link option,
  • Just click the Yes, and the respective files will be deleted immediately.

The process of installing and uninstalling the WordPress plugins looks very simple but be very careful while doing it because any negligence may result in unnecessary downloads or deleting wrong files.

Importance of social media

Social media being a significant part of the internet, doing online and offline business these days has become very easy. If you are a beginner in this field of marketing, never make the mistake of neglecting the social media.  You never know when the viewer of the message will become a potential customer, and then a regular customer. Social media supports you as a customer base, and there is no doubt that from a publicity point of view, it is a wonderful source.

Social media related plugins

Normally, whenever you visit a website, you find some social media related plugins such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. along with the articles or it may be highlighted on the main home page.  The main purpose of doing it is to help you to share your messages instantly with your friends and others on Social media network. One should understand that whenever an external plugin like Social media plugin is added to the website, there is a chance of many visitors visiting the site.     

The message on a social media network gets circulated like a chain reaction.  For instance, a member of the social media network gets a message, he/she shares it to others, and the other person will share to their followers.  So, the message is passed to an infinite number of people within seconds. In this way, the website is viewed by many visitors. People doing business can use this facility to interact with their customers.  They can communicate with their target audience very easily. Choose the social media plugins based on what type of business you are into. Else you will land up in a mess as it would be very difficult to keep track of all social media networks.  So, when you concentrate on 3-4, I think this would be sufficient to have good revenue.

Different types of plugins are stated below:

Revive Old Posts Plugins

Posts or comments may sometimes become old based on the date of posting. When you want to automate the process of sharing your old posts, you need to use the Revive old posts plugin. By this, you can schedule the posts by adding hashtags directly from your WordPress dashboard. Social media is a fast-moving network.  Your account can be active only if you post or share something with others. If you want to send old posts manually, it is very time consuming and irritating job. The Revive Old Posts plugin has the facility of adding hashtags automatically from the category or tags. So, you can have full control all your posts, blogs by using this plugin.

Social Fans Plugin

This is the most crucial plugin and proves to be very effective in WordPress. This plugin mainly concentrates on the presentation part of the plugin. It provides and displays the details like your fans, followers’ number, and subscribers.

The WordPress Plugins for social media are available free of cost.  Sometimes when you browse the internet, you find some premium plugins also.