Pregnancy leads to several changes in a woman’s hormones and body. When a woman is pregnant, her body naturally produces more hormones, especially progesterone and estrogen that can cause various noticeable changes.

In order for you to effectively maintain beautiful and healthy skin during pregnancy, you may be compelled to overhaul your daily skincare routine. It is important to find out more about the products that are safe for both you and your baby and learn what you can use while pregnant.

Skin Care During Pregnancy: Maintaining Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Preparing for Skin Changes

One of the key steps is to be prepared for a number of skin changes. Your body is carrying a baby who is developing inside your body and needs to make room for ongoing growth. Your bundle of joy might create some visible marks that are commonly referred to as stretch marks. Hormones can cause these types of skin abrasions even after the baby is born. One of the ways to combat stretch marks is to sue safe skin lotions or creams that can minimize skin blemishes.

Skin Pigmentation

It is normal for women to observe darker splotches on their skin that are caused by hyperpigmentation. During pregnancy you are likely to be hormonal and an increase in the amount of melanin in your skin can cause a noticeable difference.

This may lead to dark patches of skin on different parts of the body. Skin pigmentation should not be an issue of concern or panic and can be addressed with the right type of products for your skin during this special moment in your life.

Pimples and Rashes

You may experience an increase in acne as your body undergoes many hormonal changes, which can cause you to develop acne and various skin abrasions. The skin usually clears up after pregnancy but in case of severe rashes, a quality skin care product is useful for treatment.

Avoiding Harmful Chemicals and Products

Certain nail products may contain harsh chemicals. These are preservatives that can be harmful if absorbed. While you do not have to get rid of your nail routine, it is important to choose nail polishes that are not toxic.

Some skin care creams and medication may be hazardous to a developing fetus and increase the risk of major birth defects. If you have any concerns regarding skin issues like acne and wrinkles during your pregnancy, consider consulting your doctor and finding a safe treatment for you and your baby.

Consulting the Experts

Talk with your dermatologist or doctor if you have concerns or questions about the products you should use. If you have a problem such as a persistent rash, your doctor can recommend safe options like topical creams.


After knowing the kind of skin care you need and what may be harmful, look for products that are suitable for your skin and body as well as the safety of the baby. There are several online resources that expectant mothers can use for research.

Natural Products

Use oil-free and natural products on your skin. The best products are usually environmentally friendly and do not contain toxic or harsh chemicals. Some are specially blended for sensitive skin and for safe use during pregnancy.