Splash & Bubbles

I received this album in exchange for my honest review.

We have watched some cute children’s shows over the years, and “Splash and Bubbles” is a fun new addition to PBS Kids. This animated show is from The Jim Henson Company, Herschend Studios, and Music.Film Recordings, and has an underwater “reef” theme, full of cute characters and things to learn about the underwater world.

Splash and bubbles

This album is perfect for kids who already love the show, or simply if you’re looking for some fun music for your little ones to listen to.  Since the album has an underwater theme, it’s a perfect way to kick off the summer.  I remember all those days of looking for music to keep the kids occupied in the car, and “Splash and Bubbles” is lots of fun for singing along.

The songs were written by Mike Himelstein, who has had a lot of experience with other children’s music and shows, including Sid the Science Kid, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Dinosaur Train (all shows that my kids have enjoyed over the years!).

I recommend checking out Splash and Bubbles on PBS Kids or streaming on Netflix, in addition to this album.

Check out Rhythm of the Reef here:

Splash and Bubbles Theme Song (1:03)
My Best Friend Ever (1:41)
I Never Knew About You (1:36)
One Small Ripple (1:10)
I Don’t Know What I’m Doin’ (I’m Just Doin’ It) (1:07)
It’s Dark in the Deep (1:42)
One Big Ocean (1:26)
Yucky (1:07)
Hangin’ with Friends (1:08)
Rhythm of the Reef (1:34)
Reeftown Rangers (1:38)
Catch a Current (1:06)
Have You Heard? (1:40)
Keep It Clean (1:11)
Only in the Ocean (0:33)
And So We Celebrate (Coral Day) (1:41)
Bonus Tracks from “Get Your Feet Wet”
Living It Up (1:06)
So Many Kinds of Fish (1:07)
The Parrotfish Song (0:51)
No Bones (0:47)
The Changing Tide (1:07)

Seasonal Pond (0:52)

Visit Splash and Bubbles at http://pbskids.org/splashandbubbles

For more information and to purchase, visit http://smartURL.it/RhythmoftheReef


“Splash and Bubbles” album

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