How to Have a Smooth Transition into Childcare

Every parent has mixed feelings when it comes to the time of sending their child to school. One the one hand, we are happy to see our offspring begin to explore the world around them, yet there is also a feeling of anxiety, as we are no longer their physical guardian. If you are soon to experience taking your child to their very first childcare or nursery school, here are some useful prep tips to ensure that all goes well.

  • Discuss the Big Day – The worst thing you can do is to keep quiet about the up and coming change of environment, and as soon as you have found the right venue, begin by showing your child some images. This can easily be done by accessing their website, and let your child look at some of the images, especially ones that show a few children playing, and you can also show them the faces of the caregivers, and when they finally meet, there will be a degree of recognition, and this will reduce anxiety.  You can find great information at, which makes it easy to find the right child care for you and to be prepared for the big day.
  • Take Regular Outings – Your child needs to become accustomed to the outside world, and this is best achieved with short, but regular trips outside. If you have a few friends with kids of a similar age, why not get together once a week for a coffee morning? That way, the kids get accustomed to other children, and the mums get to share their views and opinions on parenting, plus the usual women chat, of course. If you want to know about the carer training at the childcare, Guardian childcare jobs are well documented and for many young Australians, this is a chosen career path.
  • Pay the Childcare a Visit – Obviously, you would have been there several times on your own, in order to scope out the establishment and ensure the environment is suitable, and about one week before the big day, you can take your child there for a short time. This will certainly help to make the first day stress-free on the part of your child, and if they show a willingness to get involved, go ahead.
  • Change the Routine – You will already have established a home routine with your child and in order to facilitate a smooth transition to childcare, you should change the routine to include outdoor activities, and if your child isn’t used to a nap after lunch, now’s the time to introduce it. Introduce playing with clay and finger painting, which they will encounter soon, and it wouldn’t hurt to introduce some music and movement, which is always good for a young child. If you happen to be looking for a childcare centre for your child, there are ten things to look for in childcare, which should help you make an informed decision.

As a parent, you know your child better than anyone, and should the child be anxious in any way, use your instincts to relieve that worry, and by being upbeat and positive about school, your child will develop a healthy interest in learning, something they can carry with them throughout their life.