While some are blessed in the art of gift giving, many are not; and see this process as difficult and down right stressful. Personalized gift giving may offer a solution for those who struggle in this area. It allows for unique, creative presents which are tailored specifically to the recipient.

You must tread carefully, however, as sometimes personalized gifts can be a nuisance to receive. To assist navigation during this process, here is a guide to personalized gift giving that will ensure that you brighten the recipients day, rather than bringing clutter to their life.

Laser cutting and engraving is a phenomenon that in recent years has allowed for personalization of a range of materials. Unlike woodburning, or other older techniques, laser engraving does not result in burnt edges, and gives a sharp and clean finish. Many materials can be used with this technique, including wood, rubber, metal and leather.

This technology may be brought into the home, but often this is a needless expense, as there are many places that offer laser cutting and engraving. Some of these services are eco-friendly; investing in sustainable sources of materials, and reusing and recycling offcuts. The benefits of this technique are numerous, and the results speak for themselves!

The various materials that can be used with this technique expands the horizon of items to choose from. Choosing a gift, therefore, is no longer governed by the material, but the item itself. Deciding on the right item may be difficult, and its important to think out of the box.  Instead of the typical mug or photo frame (although these are definitely options) try to think of things that the recipient needs. This can be as simple as a bottle opener, or as mundane as labelled jars for the pantry. When it comes to personalised gift giving, don’t be afraid of the mundane as these can prove to be the most useful, and therefore, appreciated.

Once an item is personalized, it becomes unique to any other. Here are some examples of gifts that can be made using this wonderful technique.

Engraved spice jars are perfect for anyone who enjoys cooking. Or realistically, anyone who owns a kitchen. They are a perfect example of a practical gift that retains its personalized nature.

A laser cut rug is an additional example of how thinking outside of the box can result in an incredible gift. This felt rug is perfect for a new homeowner, or someone who aims to renovate their space.

The sky’s the limit with what you can personalise in this day and age. Don’t be afraid of the mundane, and get creative! Good luck!