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I received Fairy Tales hair products in exchange for my honest review.

My kids are avid swimmers, and they spend a lot of time in the water.  Both kids are on swim teams, and in the summer we even do two swim teams at the same time. We log many, many hours at the pool!


When we aren’t at swim practice or swim meets, the kids like to go swimming for fun at the beach, lake, pool, or waterpark.

We recently went to Mexico, and the kids swam every day.  They couldn’t get enough!

Xcaret Snorkeling

They even swam in cenotes (cave systems that have collapsed and filled with water), and through caves.  (That’s my 10 year old in the orange life vest!)

Casa Tortuga Cenote Wisho

In addition to your regular beaches, pools, and lakes, we like to explore different and unique places, like swimming holes.

Quechee Gorge Swimming

Both of my girls have long hair, which makes all this time spent in the water a challenge.  Swim practice is 3 days a week during the school year, and 5 days a week in the summer, all of which takes a major toll on their hair.


Between swim caps, goggles, hair bands, salt water, chlorine, and so on – we have dealt with everything from dry hair to slimy hair (from extremely chlorinated water), and I have even personally cut dreads out of hair on numerous occasions.  We have come to expect the things that come with all this swimming!  For example, my older daughter is very fair, and her hair turns incredibly light during the summer – finally ending up with a tint of green towards the end of the season.

Fortunately, Fairy Tales Hair Care has an awesome line of products designed for active swimmers just like mine!

Fairy Tales Sun & Swim

I was thrilled to start with their Lifeguard™ Clarifying Shampoo, which helps tackle build up and protect from the sun.  While we deal with chlorinated pools 3-6 days a week, if you’ve ever been to an indoor water park or hotel pool, you are probably familiar with highly chlorinated pools, which leave my girls hair feeling slimy and stiff, or those days at the beach where their hair is crispy from salt.  It’s nice to have a shampoo to get the chlorine and salt out.

Remove sea salt, chlorine green and daily build-up with gentle fruit extracts. Vitamins and minerals restore softness, boost shine and protect hair.  Deep clean sun damaged hair with natural extracts!  Remove chlorine “green” sea salts and minerals with gentle yet effective extracts for clean, soft and shiny hair. (https://fairytaleshaircare.com/)

The Lemon-Aid™ Conditioner does everything the shampoo offers – plus it helps you the kids comb out their hair.  After swim practices, we struggle with tangles.  Swimming alone gets their hair tangled, but add in hair ties and goggles, and even swim caps – and there are always tangles.  The worst is that the kids get dreads all time, and it is a constant battle.  The Lemon-Aid™ Conditioner makes it much easier to work on those tangled areas.

Swimming Pool

The CoCo Cabana™ Spray is a good way to maintain hair on the go.  On an average summer day, the kids have an hour of practice, they break for lunch, and then spend some time doing free swim.  We go home for early dinner – then go back to the pool for a meet!  While there is a place to rinse off outside, the kids have sun-dried hair that doesn’t even get fully combed out.

Tangled Hair

I love having something we can use in between all those trips in and out of the pool.

Remove sea salt, chlorine green and daily build-up with gentle fruit extracts. Vitamins and minerals restore softness, boost shine and protect hair.  Banana leaf extract and coconut oil protect and defend against sun & surf!  Fragrant blend of natural ingredient condition brittle, dry hair.

The Fairy Tales Hair Care line is all natural, so you don’t have to worry about using chemicals on your children.  In addition to the Sun & Swim line of products, they have everything from daily hair care to lice prevention and treatment, and even natural bug repellant.  We have already started using our Bug Bandit spray to keep the bugs away – without the chemicals in regular bug sprays!

Fairy Tales Bug Bandit

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