Regardless of the time and season, you choose for traveling to a place, you should be careful regarding your safety and well being. This becomes a major thing in your top priority list while visiting Andaman in order to make the most of the amazing holiday and remain stress-free. After all, when you plan your vacation in Andaman, the major focus is on the sightseeing features along with the water sports activities and all the things that can give you the value for money.

Andman Islands

However, being practical is a smart thing to do when you travel to Andaman alone or with your family. Even though the place is peaceful and miles away from the hassle of city life, one should always be cautious regarding any unpredictable mishaps. With that being said, here are some of the safety measures that you must include in your checklist while holidaying in Andaman.

Make Sure of the Climatic Conditions

This one is an important consideration to make, as Andaman is an Island surrounded by the sea from all corners and weather is something that cannot be controlled manually. That is why prior to booking tickets for Andaman, make sure that you get apt weather reports from reliable sources in order to guarantee a safe vacation. The key is to check if there are any sorts of warning signs prevailing during the time of your visit. Be prepared for inclement weather as well, whether you bring plenty of sunscreen or rain jackets.

Safeguard Your Luggage

Make sure you put a luggage tag and TSA approved locks on your baggage before leaving your hotel or resort. It is recommended not to carry any precious valuables and even if you do, ensure securing it by using extra locks.

Write Down Emergency Contact Numbers

Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, everyone should have a diary or phone where they have noted down all the helpful emergency numbers. Maintaining a phone diary as well as saving the numbers on your phone is advisable in case you run out of battery while sightseeing the areas.  This might appear to be a measure that will go useless, but as mentioned earlier, you cannot predict a misadventure and it is always helpful to be extra cautious and making the smart moves. From police contact to medical help-lines, write down all the essential contact numbers that may come in handy during an emergency situation.

Andaman Guides

Having an expert guiding you through your Andaman trip, will not only be valuable for your traveling and sightseeing experience, but it also ensures being with a local person who has prior knowledge about the place and can get you out of an emergency situation effortlessly. Research online and book the right tour package for your Andaman vacation, and bring an Andaman travel guidebook with you on your trip.


Visiting Andaman should be a memorable experience considering the diversity and beauty of the place. All you need is to follow the aforementioned safety manual and ensure a trouble-free holiday.