Affording your dream holiday is not as hard or as expensive as some people may believe. Traveling on the cheap is more of a state of mind than anything else. Getting into that state of mind means you might have to give up on some of the assumptions or expectations that you have about travel. However, in many cases, you will find that this will enhance, rather than detract from the experience. Here are six creative tips that will help you see the world.


The beauty of traveling, from an economic perspective, is that you can go to most parts of the world and experience all the different cultures and environments. Nevertheless, nothing is free in this world and given the fact that the average savings account for those earning $45,000 or less is of just $1,500, a loan may still be needed. Instead of going for a personal bank loan or resorting to disreputable lenders with offers that usually are too good to be true, do your homework to find fast loans online from responsible lenders at low-interest rates.   

Travel in Low Season

Traveling during the low season has its benefits. For starters, almost everything is cheaper, be it transportation, housing, food, or entrance fees to local attractions. While the weather might not be as comfortable as you would like, in many cases you will find that you get to enjoy sights, sounds and cultural experiences that the summer crowds miss. Even better, you do so without the crushing mobs of high season. Anyone who’s been to Paris or Venice during peak season, knows this to be sound advice.  

Analyze Your Flight Options

Flying to your destination can eat up much of your traveling budget. Taking indirect flights, or choosing smaller, less central airports can be a much cheaper, albeit more time-consuming alternative. In some cases, a half-a-day layover could present the opportunity to duck out of the airport for a quick tour of that town. Mix and match your flights to reduce your transportation costs.

Home Swapping

Accommodation is another massive drain on your resources. Luckily, home exchange is a viable option. There are three types of home swapping available. The simultaneous exchange, where you stay in someone else’s home while they occupy yours. The non-simultaneous exchange is when you stay in a swapper’s vacation house. And the hospitality exchange where you stay in their house while they’re there.

Eating Like a Local

Touristy places will present you with plenty of opportunities to enjoy an authentic dinner. Unfortunately, most are overpriced. If you’re not averse to a healthy dose of adventure, head off the beaten track and look for some backstreet bistros or restaurants frequented by the locals. Not only are these cheaper but the food is usually better. For a different experience, you can also consider visiting the local farmer’s market or local grocery stores to pick up simple, fresh ingredients for a do-it-yourself meal.


Before embarking on your dream holiday, do plenty of research into your destination – it’s history, customs, landmarks, travelers’ tips, and the like. This way, you can enjoy yourself and save money by avoiding the many tourist traps. Going on a trip with little to no knowledge about the place may seem like an adventure, but it’s an opportunity missed to truly immerse yourself in the experience.   

Traveling on a budget with the proper knowledge and with the right mindset, can provide the foreign adventure everyone dreams of. While it’s nice to be pampered on the road, often this can detract from the authentic experience that will make for memories that last a lifetime.