Having twins is one of the most beautiful moments in a parent’s life. After all, two bundles of joy is a blessing that will have your whole family enjoy! But one of the things new parents will have to get through would be once they get home. Sleeping schedules end up wrecked and your eye bags may become even deeper after hearing not one, but two cries at night! Fortunately, there are ways on how you can get more sleep despite that.

10 Tips to Get More Sleep When You Have Twins

So read on as I show you ten tips to get more sleep when you have twins!

Create a Sleep Routine

It can be quite tricky establishing a routine but it’s best to develop one as early as you can. Create a schedule for sleeping, eating, and playing, which your twins will get accustomed to. Their body clock will then know it’s time to sleep, with you being able to get some shuteye when they do!

Wait Until They’re Tired

If you always have to deal with energetic and excited twins who always stay awake, then it’s time to start helping them learn to calm down for bedtime! Instead of rocking your twins to sleep, place them in the crib once they feel drowsy and let them feel sleepy. Once they’re exhausted and sleep, you can follow as well!

Have a Restful Environment

When you were carrying your twins, they had no idea what the difference between day and night is, so it’s up to you to teach them when is the right time to play and when to sleep. Create a good environment where the crib is dark and calm, free from any background noise.

Find Help

You shouldn’t always be sleep deprived and do your tasks alone! Never hesitate or feel bad for asking for help. Make sure that you and your partner are a tag team, working together and in different shifts so one of you can rest while the other works. If you can’t afford a nanny, then you can ask help from your family or trusted friends!

Using Baby Monitors

Using a baby monitor will help you be able to get some shuteye without having to jump up to every small noise you hear. It’s best that you give some time, listening to the baby monitor so you can understand your babies’ cries and know when you need to go to feed or lull them back to sleep.

Prepare and Plan

This is one of the best things you can do to ensure that you maximize your sleep time of both you and the twins. Plan ahead and ensure that you prepare everything beforehand for easy feeding and washing, such as keeping diapers and essentials ready, preparing the formula in advance, and again, creating schedules.


While your twins are still young, you may want to consider sharing beds together so you won’t have to jump up to the other room when you hear cries. You’ll also be able to sleep together! Just make sure that the bed is big enough and that you have the right sleeping positions.

Stay Patient

Yes, you will need to be patient, as some twins may cry all night or at odd times. It will take time until they’ll be able to sleep all night without any disturbance. Just remember that this will pass and you’ll enjoy good sleep soon!


You can consider swaddling, which helps your babies sleep better and comforted all through the night. This is best for the first two months of birth and reduces the chances of your babies crying in the middle of the night.

Taking Catnaps

Don’t bother trying to do other work while the twins are napping. Instead, taking catnaps together will help you become more rested! Allow someone else to do other household chores for the first few weeks, focusing on caring for the twins.

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! Having twins is a blessing but it can get quite challenging with your sleeping schedule! Fortunately, there are ways on how you can regulate your sleep without spending on nannies or frustrating yourself during your twins’ late nights!

I hope that this article on how to get more sleep with twins helped you find out what you can do to fix your sleep schedule and regain energy while caring for your babies! So don’t wait any longer and begin utilizing any of these tips today.

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on how to care for your twins, then comment down below or check out these quote. I would love to hear what you have to think!