Options When You Need Money for Emergencies

In the time of an emergency, you cannot always rely on your bank account or credit card for coverage. Some savings accounts are off limits or not sufficient to cover your financial needs. In those situations, you’ll need to look for a few emergency cash options. There are options available to anyone in need of an immediate side income.

Sell Valuables

Selling your personal items is one way to earn extra money. Pawn shops and online classified ads have hundreds of buyers looking for items. You could make a sale that same day and receive the money right away.

You have to be careful what you sell online if choosing to go down this route. Once you make the sale, it’s over. You are required to ship the item and never see it again, so it’s important not to sell the wrong item.

Selling expensive valuables like jewelry or antiques takes some research. At some pawn shops, you may get less than what the item’s worth. First, determine the value of the item, which may include getting it appraised.

Borrow Money

Borrowing money from family members or friends is also an immediate form of debt relief. You avoid going to a lender and requesting a loan with interest rates and fees. You also avoid getting a second job or working overtime, which takes more time away from home. Of course, not everyone has this option.

In the event money can’t be borrowed from friends or family, check out MaxLend.com for information on appropriate loan solutions. Depending on the situation, short-term loans can be incredibly helpful when money is tight. With that said, it’s important to have a solid plan for paying the debt back according to the terms of the loan agreement.

Have a “Side Hustle”

More people are utilizing a side gig that earns them an extra hundred or so in a week. The new trend is to turn your car into a taxi and provide rides for strangers or make deliveries for certain companies. The income that you earn is based on the local demand for rideshare services. Some people earn hundreds of dollars in one week, while others earn that amount in one day.

Others decide to work in the freelancing industry. This allows them to use their talents in writing, graphic design, art or business. Many freelancers already have jobs and are highly qualified professionals looking for side incomes.

The main benefits of a side hustle income is that you typically work independently. You don’t report to a boss and receive the money upfront, including tips. You work the hours that you want to and don’t worry about getting fired. On the other hand, some gigs are less than reputable and not totally safe. The company that sponsors you will rarely assume responsibility for any problem that happens.

Dealing with a personal emergency is stressful, but it’s even worse not having enough money to deal with it. In addition, there are myths about earning money like there are not many ways to do it. In reality, individuals and companies have thought of new, clever ways to make money, whether it’s online or on the road. Learn more about the different methods of earning money whenever you need it.