Are you looking for a new home improvement project to add value to your home and make a showpiece out of your living space? Why not turn your old, outdated kitchen into a hub for entertaining friends and family with these hot kitchen trends.

Elegant Colors

Try colors that will stand the test of time while still looking elegant. White is timeless and popular for matching with different types of decor. Other colors such as grey, taupe, and cream are also popular choices that can add a touch of elegance to your room. Use these colors on your walls and cabinets to freshen up your space. If you want to add a touch of dimension, try using a pop of color to make certain elements of your kitchen, such as your cabinets, stand out.

Get Smart

Technology plays an important role in our lives to help make it easier. Use technology in your kitchen to add personality and make cooking and entertaining more efficient. Create a smart kitchen by installing appliances, faucets, outlets, and lighting that you can easily manage from a central hub or your phone.

Also consider energy efficient items for your kitchen, such as Energy Star rated appliances to LED light bulbs.

Storage Solutions

If you’re working with an older kitchen, your cabinets and cupboards may not be the best storage solutions for today’s world. Updating your cabinetry to be more functional can save you space while looking beautiful. Some popular cabinet hardware trends you can incorporate include bronze finish, open shelving, hidden charge ports, and tray dividers. Figure out which solutions work best for your kitchen and transform your space into a storage heaven.

Local Sourcing

Locally-sourced materials are popular in many home remodels. People are more conscious about reducing their carbon footprint by finding local materials for their remodel.  Not only is it good for the environment, but it also helps give a boost to your local economy and adds an element of interest to the finished product.

Hardwood Heaven

If your home is lucky enough to have natural wood flooring, take advantage of its natural beauty by having them refinished. Freshly refinished floors are a great way to tap into your home’s original charm and make your kitchen feel homier.

Minimal Appliances

Large kitchen ranges and stainless steel commercial grade appliances have long dominated kitchens in people’s homes. However, more often people are starting to pull away from this trend and go with a more streamlined, minimalist look. In lieu of ranges, people are using simple induction cooktops and single wall ovens to free up counter space. Some homeowners are also ditching their microwaves in favor of convection ovens, which serve a dual purpose. These multi-use appliances create better use of your kitchen and maximize your space.

Raise the Bar

With the average family size smaller today than it’s been in the past, busy families are ditching the traditional dining room table in favor of bars. This frees up space and allows your family to eat in an informal setting.

Don’t let your kitchen look or feel outdated when there are so many great upgrades you can make. Using any of these hot trends in your kitchen can make a statement and provide you with a beautiful space to entertain.