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I received a copy of La Luna in exchange for my honest review.

I have always used relaxing music at bedtime for my kids, and even now that they are older, they still prefer to have music on at bedtime.  I had never heard of the 123 Andres until recently, and it has been a pleasure listening to their newest album, “La Luna”.  This is a collection of classic and new lullabies, all in Spanish.

123 Andres consists of a husband and wife duo, Andres Salguero and Christina Sanabria.  They are Latin Grammy award winners, with two prior albums for children.

123 andres

La Luna has both new and traditional songs, and uses sounds from the Andes region, from instruments to rhythms, plus it features guest vocalists from Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela.  I love the variety of sounds, from instrumentals to vocals, which give the different tracks their own character.

I think music is a great part of a bedtime routine, getting kids to wind down and enjoy quiet time.  The songs are all pleasant and calming, and could be for either a time you want the kids to relax for a little bit, or get ready for bed.  My girls always needed a little encouragement when it came to switching gears and calming down a bit.  This would be great to play even while kids are doing a peaceful activity.

Latin Grammy-winning 123 Andrés returns with a third album, “La luna,” a collection of classic and new lullabies in Spanish. The album is steeped in the rhythms and the instruments of the Andes region that will drift listeners of any age to a dream world. Here, a gentle pirate searches for new poetic words, sheep wander on a hillside, and a little blue horse gallops down from the clouds to carry children to sleep. These new and traditional songs, sung mostly in Spanish and featuring a variety of instruments, provide the perfect companion for nap time, bed time, gentle playtime, and even a peaceful drive around town.

123 Andres

There are lots of great tracks on this album, and while each has a unique character to it, every song is peaceful.  There are so many energetic children’s music albums out there, and it is nice to have one that helps children wind down.  La Luna is also a great way to expose your child to different languages and sounds from around the world!

  1. De 1 a 10
  2. Un elefante
  3. La luna
  4. Benjamín  
  5. La montaña  
  6. La Pequeña Pilar  
  7. Collar de estrellas
  8. Las ovejas  
  9. El sueño de Cocorico
  10. El caballito azul
  11. Velo qué bonito
  12. Fly, Shine, Soar

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This album is available April 13, 2018.

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