DIY weddings are on the rise and are everywhere these days. It’s not surprising, making your own food and decor can be intensely satisfying and lots of fun. That being said, however, with so many great ideas out there, it can be hard to choose just a limited few. Even a simple weddings can seem daunting when you don’t know where to start. But, hold onto your glue gun, darling, have we the list for you! Check out our list of amazing wedding ideas that are fun, cute and best of all, only basic wedding set up required! Maui Wedding Photographers helped in creating this list to help plan your unbelievable wedding.

Hold onto your glue gun, have we the list for you! Check out our list of amazing wedding ideas that are fun, cute and best of all, only basic wedding set up required! You’ll love this list to help plan your unbelievable wedding.

Skip the Invitations

Save yourself a little room in your wedding budget and a migraine by skipping the invitations. Most everyone has access to a smartphone these days or at the very least a computer. So, create your simple wedding website and have your guests RSVP online. Not only will you save time and energy, but you get to save your stamp collection, too.

Get yourself a handy dandy organizer

We know how it is, you see an unbelievable wedding frill you just have to have. If you’re not careful you could go into wedding supply overload. So, prevent an overshopping disaster and keep organized. You’ll have a track record of everything you need and already have. Simple wedding planners are available online and at retailers. Grab one!

Parks are fast becoming one the best places to host an amazing wedding

They are scenic, accessible and if you do it right, environmentally conscious. Plus booking a pavilion and getting a party permit will only set you back roughly $50 – $200 depending on when your wedding is. Compared to an average $2500 and up for a traditional venue? Yep. We’d say it’s worth it. It’s another basic wedding set up that should take no time at all. Simply decorate a pagoda and you’ll be on your way to matrimonial bliss! Just rent a rain tent to guard against any inclement weather.

Vacation Rentals

Hit up your old buddy with a timeshare or scout Airbnb for a big enough home for a few days. Don’t be forced to conform to a traditional venue’s limitations regarding catering, linens, or event hours? Skip them altogether. You’ll have even more flexibility to do what you really want, without the traditional venue hassle. And, you’ll only need a basic wedding set up.

DIY flowers. Real flowers not your thing? These amazing wedding flowers are made out of…wait for it…coffee filters! Say wah? These unbelievable wedding roses would never betray your secret; no one would even know they’re paper. That’s a win win in our book.

Make paper pom-poms for a pinch of elegant drama.

wedding ideas

Create this stunning yet simple wedding backdrop with any color paper.

DIY this unbelievable wedding aisle runner. Write love notes to your sweetheart and reminisce on your way down your amazing wedding aisle.

How to Plan an Amazing Wedding

You Must Try these amazing wedding paper lanterns. Add a touch of Boho chic and light up the world. A basic wedding set up that is so eco friendly!

How to Plan an Amazing Wedding

Craft these elegant, simple wedding charger plates.

How to Plan an Amazing Wedding

Simplistic cake stands add unbelievable wedding flair to a plain cake.

How to Plan an Amazing Wedding

Buy Wholesale Liquor! You can let the booze flow all night, or you can make your own cash bar and earn a few honeymoon bucks! This simple wedding idea is the ticket any time!

Hack Your Wedding Cake! This amazing wedding hack will make you say yum. Just buy a cake from your local grocer and dress it up yourself.

How to Plan an Amazing Wedding

PRO TIP: Sheet cake is less expensive. Buy two and stack them. Plus, you don’t be shy; go for the wow factor!

Create your own amazing wedding playlist and have a friend DJ and emcee. Or, call up your old band mates and rock out to a live band.

Basic wedding set up games will keep guests laughing for hours.

Stay-cation. Can’t afford an offshore honeymoon? No problem! Stay local. Jazz it up and find a snazzy Airbnb suite in your area.

Cash in those SkyMiles. Tons of credit cards offer points towards airline travel. Time to cash in.

Groupon one of our favorite ideas on the list. Groupon has tons of great deals for just about everything. You can find amazing wedding vendors and even plan your honeymoon. There are many destinations around the world sold as air-inclusive bundles. And what’s really awesome is, Groupon accommodations are based on double occupancy. Buy one for each spouse and insto-presto! Instant honeymoon. Bon voyage!

You can’t go wrong with any of the ideas on this unbelievable wedding list. Start planning your absolutely amazing wedding today!