A Concise Guide to Buying Roofing Materials

Getting new roofing for your house requires a lot of physical and mental effort. You might find yourself debating between different options, carrying out a cost-benefit analysis, looking for contractors, and searching for materials. Although the technical part of the project will be largely handled by one of the residential roofing contractors Dearborn MI that you hire, there will still be decisions that you will have to make on your own. One of the most basic, yet the most crucial decisions is to select a roofing material.

Many customers who are planning to get a new roof or a roof replacement decide on the roofing material by merely looking at the price or the appeal. Unfortunately, the right roofing material is not all about budget and aesthetics. There are a lot of other functional areas that you need to take into account. The choice of your roofing material is a key influencer that defines the longevity of your roof, which makes buying the right material a tricky decision. Here is a brief guide to different roofing materials available in the market, which will help you to choose the right material for your roof.



Metal is one of the most popular roofing material on the market because of the benefits it offers for the price. The aesthetic appeal of metal closely resembles that of classic shingles, so if you are someone who has a thing for classic architectural elements, you will find metal roofing to be a great alternative. One of the main function of roofs is to protect your property against water making its way inside the house and metal roofs perform exceptionally well as far as water resistance is concerned. Since metal itself is bulky in terms of weight, it also offers immense protection against strong winds.

If your metal roofing is treated for rust resistance you can also be at peace because your roof won’t crack, rust or corrode. This makes metal roofs a very long lasting alternative. Its low maintenance protocols are an added benefit. The only negative factor that repels customers away from metal roofing is the initial high costs. However, if you consider the fact that it is a one-time investment, it is worth every penny.


Remember those beautiful pink roofscape from the movies that give out European vibes and colonial feel? If you are someone who is fond of something as raw and romantic as those roofs, you will fall in love with clay roofs. They add beauty to your house and enhance its aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, they are exceptionally good at combatting extreme weather, pests and moisture. On the downside, clay is one of the bulkiest roofing materials and might require additional reinforcement.


If you are looking for something that is long lasting but is also versatile, concrete tiles are a great option. Concrete does not only have a long life and does not require much maintenance, it can also be made to mimic other high priced materials such wood and clay at a much lesser price. Moreover, unlike clay, it does not require any additional reinforcement protocols. Many clients have been reluctant to go for concrete because of its ability to break or crack, however, modern techniques and improvements have resulted in eliminating those risks to a great extent.