Bathroom Tubs

Whether you are updating your bathroom for functionality or style, or to create your own personal oasis, your choice in a tub can make a world of difference. Bathtubs come in a variety of styles, features and shapes, all of which lends to their level of personality. Tubs are not all one and the same; instead, there are many possibilities to choose from, including, but not limited to,  whirlpools, freestanding and soaking tubs. If seeking comfort in a tub, you may find that making the ideal choice may be tougher than you think. Let’s help you on your journey by introducing three incredible options.

Soaking Tubs

For a bathroom sanctuary that is indulgent, romantic and provides a relaxing and soothing bath experience, soaking tubs are at the top of the list of choices out there. With shorter lengths, broader widths, and smaller profiles than conventional tubs, soaking tubs are great space-saving fixtures when your bathroom space is limited. Users can comfortably submerge almost the entire body while lying or sitting in a soaking tub. The incredible, modern designs that these tubs are often sculpted in, makes them impressive aesthetic pieces that can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Freestanding Tubs

Spectacular in a variety of designs, uniqueness and functionality, a bathroom update is truly special with a freestanding tub. These fixtures offer great flexibility in being able to be placed anywhere you desire in your bathroom space. Freestanding tubs can make for the perfect focal point in your bathroom or a bold style statement, be it a durable cast-iron tub or an elegant, timeless stone freestanding tub. Raised off the floor and not surrounded by shower walls, these tubs open up a bathroom, making the space seem bigger.

Whirlpool Tubs    

For a tub that is adult-friendly, luxurious, and has a spa-inspired appeal, a whirlpool tub can certainly add some character to any bathroom. With a diversity of sizes, shapes, and colors that can enable you to add a personalized touch to your bathroom, whirlpool tubs are much more than fixtures. They offer therapeutic benefits, providing rest and relaxation, relief from stress and pain, and improved circulation, through massage and spa-like treatment, right in the comfort of your bathroom. From the basic hydromassage model, which features several jets in the tub walls from which water recirculates, to the therapeutic air massage model, which uses an air system that causes thousands of gentle bubbles to pour in the tub from strategically placed locations in the tub.


Updating your bathroom may require drastic changes, or simply, a great choice in a tub. However, considering the variety of tubs on the market, it can easily be concluded that all tubs are not created equal. Whether you are choosing between a freestanding tub, whirlpool tub, or a soaking tub, each offers something unique. With a variety of models, sizes, and shapes, choosing the right tub for your bathroom updating project, may require careful thought into your needs and what you hope to accomplish with your bathroom space.