4 Essential Workout Garments Every Mom Should Own

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or the occasional yogi, having the right workout gear not only boosts your style game, but can also increase your confidence and help your body move better. Gone are the days of having to worry about sweat-staining your cotton shirts or getting flustered in a pair of baggy joggers. Moms can look good while working out and running errands thanks to the recent trends in workout apparel.

Modern sports apparel is more advanced, comfortable, and stylish than ever. Must have items include moisture wicking apparel, shoes that feel like you’re walking on clouds, and sports bras that look as good as the support they provide. There’s something that every mom and woman will love in this list.


These days there are simply too many running shoes to choose from. With more design-focused styles from companies like Nike and Adidas getting into the running/training shoe game, you no longer have to splurge on the gaudy traditional Asics or New Balance kicks. Not that there aren’t great shoes from the latter mentioned companies either.

Take Adidas’ UltraBoost runners. Not only do they look super cool and futuristic, but they offer unrivalled comfort and breathability with their knit uppers and Boost midsole. Nike’s Free RN and AirMax offerings are not to be ignored, either.

Depending on your color scheme choices for your top and bottom, consider getting a neutral tone pair of kicks. If you prefer a more monochromatic ensemble, don’t be afraid to go crazy with the brightest pair of sneakers for a pop of color.

Leggings & Compression Pants

A pair of form fitting workout leggings can do they do wonderful things for your figure (high waists mean no muffin tops). Compression leggings can also improve your ability to feel the muscles in your legs. This helps you understand where you might be going wrong in your stretches or exercises.

Choose exercise leggings that are moisture wicking and comfortable so that they can move with you. The best ones will last you many workouts and can take you from the gym to errands.

Supportive Sports Bra

The key to a good sports bra is the fit. Remember that fit can differ by brand and style. As such, this is one piece that’s often better bought in-store as its always important to ensure they’re comfortable. After all, the entire point of a sports bra is to support your upper body and enhance it a little, if that’s your thing. There are tons of styles to choose from these days. Always ensure that the shape is suitable and that the straps aren’t going to irritate your skin.

Workout Shorts

Thanks to the tight-fitting nature of leggings, you can now layer up with a pair of workout shorts for increased warmth and decreased exposure if desired. Just be sure to choose the right color – preferably the same as your leggings.

Add your favorite workout top and a sweatband or two and you’ll have your pre-pregnancy body back in no time. Just don’t forget to, you know, exercise. Unfortunately, just wearing the clothes doesn’t help much.