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I received a copy of The Starlighter in exchange for my honest review.

When I hear the name Shawn Colvin, it reminds me of the 90’s – what a great time for music!  I distinctly remember Colvin’s 1996 hit, “Sunny Came Home”, and it doesn’t feel like 20 years ago (and I even remember trying to find her CD’s at my local library)!  Not long after that came her first children’s album, celebrating her life as a new mom (Holiday Songs & Lullabies, released in 1998).

Shawn Colvin is back with a new children’s album, “The Starlighter”.  If you know me, I’m not much into children’s music that has the kids jumping off the walls, so it’s nice to find a relaxing CD for children (and of course, one that I can enjoy, too!).

Starlighter doesn’t have a typical children’s music feel to it.  The album has a very calm collection of songs, with a dusky, very chill vibe.  If you’re looking for catchy, high energy songs for during the day, this is not it.  The Starlighter is based on a children’s music book titled “Lullabies and Night Songs”, and is a collection of calming pieces that you can have on in the background for a peaceful time, whether you are winding down the day or looking for something you can play at bedtime.


The Starlighter video is pretty cool – be sure to check it out.  Both the music and the visuals are amazing!

“The Starlighter” video is based on Victorian paper theatres and the illustration style of children’s books from the same era, and was created by the Manchester, UK/Los Angeles-based motion design studio WeFail. Each scene contains over one hundred layered illustrations, and every element in the video was drawn using a digital tablet before being animated by hand. Shawn’s character in the video consists of 30 individual hand-drawn pieces, each digitally painted before motion design was applied to create the complete figure.

Anyone with a subscription to Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited may stream the longform animated 24 minute video, available now at this link!

There are 14 lovely tracks on The Starlighter album:

  1. The Starlighter
  2. Raisins and Almonds
  3. Go Tell Aunt Rhody
  4. Minnie and Winnie
  5. Sleep, Baby, Sleep
  6. Many Million Years Ago
  7. The Huntsmen
  8. The Cuckoo is a Pretty Bird
  9. Night
  10. The Journey
  11. Baby Shaftoe
  12. The Nut Tree
  13. Hush Little Baby
  14. Cradle Song

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