How To Track a Cell Phone Using GPS

Are you looking to keep an eye on your family member’s activities? If you’ve ever wondered, how do I track my husband’s cell phone using GPS – the ultimate application to answer all your questions is Snoopza tracking application.

As more and more people are buying the smartphones are installing spying applications to keep an eye on their loved ones. The introduction of spying applications has allowed keeping a track and record of what your loved ones are doing. Spying apps have allowed partners to keep an eye and watch what they are doing to keep them from or any emergency.  Keeping an eye on your partner also brings peace of mind.

While you go in search of spy websites on the internet, you will find numerous cell phone tracker applications which will claim to track the user device or provide false information or most of them do not work.  Snoopza is not like the other apps which will ask for your debit or credit cards details and steal your money. It’s free to use.

How does it work?

You will not find this application in the Google play store. Visit and register with your email id. After completing registration, you will be taken to the download page. Then you need to get the physical access to a target user device. Install the application and now you ready to keep tabs on your teen, etc. Wait for the exchange of the text messages through messages or any social media like Whatsapp, facebook, snapchat, etc.

How to use snoopza?

  •    Sign up and create a free online account.
  •    Give your email address and create your password for sign up.
  •    Install the snoopza application to the phone you are tracking, from your online account. This process might take few minutes.
  •    Log in to your snoopza online account and start tracking the calls, messages, SMS, Whatsapp messages and so on.


Snoopza has come up with a lot of advantages and features. Let’s have a glance at the wonderful features of snoopza: 

  • You can record any call or messages with the help of snoopza. You can also save the SMS/MMS in any other place if you want to keep as proof.
  • Snoopza helps you to save the ongoing conversations and as well as their exact time and date of income, outgoing and missed calls.
  • You can keep track of their conversation which is going on the social sites like Facebook and Whatsapp. You can easily check in to WhatsApp and Facebook and check their conversations.
  • You can also check their internet history and bookmarks made into their devices.
  • You can check that any Sim card replacement is done or not on your husband’s device.
  • The invisible mode will help you to hide the application from the suspect’s phone and still allows you to track them.
  • You can also track your husband’s location with the help of GPS.

How To Track Messages In Facebook?

Facebook is a huge social platform, used for exchanging information by millions of people. This website a great platform for communications, but at the same time is the cause of lost attention and time. There are many reasons to spy on people, but you could have your own, such as a desire to help some you love or who is more important to you. You would have thinking that is it possible? Yes, it is possible. To access the tracking function, you have to follow these few steps: 

  •    Sign up to the Snoopza for your online account. You need to give an email address and create your own password.
  •    Download the snoopza facebook messenger tracker.
  •    After downloading the application, you have to install into your device from the online account.
  •    Now you can monitor your husband’s activities on facebook from your account.

So, if you are a concerned mom, wife, or significant other, then try out the snoopza facebook messenger tracker.