Termite Treatment

Hollow wood, strange clicking sounds in the walls and the presence of discarded wings are all signs of a termite infestation. You need to hire professionals for a comprehensive termite inspection and treatment right away before the pest population expands. For Terminix, this treatment involves laying out baits and liquid defenses, but it also entails fumigation. Here are ways to prepare your home before it gets tented.

Remove All Living Things

Your family and pets will need to find alternate lodging for a few days while fumigation occurs. In most cases, tenting lasts for three days, so you should find a hotel you can stay at for that time. Do your research well in advance if you have a pet so that you can stay at a hotel that allows animals. You also want to remove all houseplants from the inside of your home to an outdoor area.

Shut Off the Gas

Prior to fumigation, you want to contact your local gas company to have it turned off. Your gas company should offer a temporary shutoff you can begin the morning fumigation is set to begin. If there are any propane tanks on the premises, then you need to shut those off, too. You may need to call a nearby propane company to assist you.

Safeguard Food and Medications

You can obtain specialty fumigation bags to sell all the food in your refrigerator and cabinets. If you do not want those bags, then you need to remove any exposed food. It will become dangerous to eat if exposed to the gas. You also want to make sure you bring all medications.

Make a Spare Set of Keys

Leave a set of keys for the fumigator. This allows the professionals entry into your home while you are away. It also allows them to close up once they remove the tent. You do not want to risk leaving the front door unlocked once all the gas is gone.

Create a Follow-Up Plan

Before fumigation takes place, use your search engine to look for, “exterminator San Antonio,” to see if anything else is required after the tent is taken down. Chances are good the team will need to inspect the premises to ensure a successful operation. The crew also needs to consider any termite eggs, which will not be affected by the gas.

Staying out of your home for three days is a small price to pay for the knowledge your abode is termite-free. Act fast before the termite population has a chance to escalate by contacting Terminix for effective termite treatment.