My kids love rollerskating, and while we have been ice skating a couple times, it was when they were very young (toddler age).  So when we were invited to go ice skating, we definitely wanted to check it out.

While the ice rink is host to a lot of hockey activities, it also offers other things like ice skating lessons and free skate.  We checked their online calendar and decided to go to a Sunday free skate from 2:30-4.  Their schedule changes, so be sure to check their website before heading over.

Ice Skating at the Albany County Hockey Facility

The rink is located right next to the Albany Airport, on Hockey Lane.

Albany County Hockey Facility

I had no problem getting there and had Google Maps guiding me as well.  The actual address is listed as 830 Albany-Shaker Road in Loudonville, but Google Maps had me turn onto Hockey Lane just off Albany-Shaker Road, to get to the parking lot for the rink.

Albany County Hockey Facility

Admission was inexpensive – $4 for admission and $3 for the skate rental (prices may vary – check their website).

We were given a token to pick up skates, and headed over to the rental window. The rental skates are actually pretty decent, and there is a choice between hockey skates and figure skates. However, if we started going more often I would definitely have my daughter rent both and then look into purchasing either figure or hockey skates.

The rink is very large in size, and it was nice that it can accommodate so many people.  The March free skate we went to was actually very busy, so it was good that there is a lot of room to work with.

Albany Hockey Ice skating

My daughter and her friends had a lot of fun ice skating, and spent the entire free skate on the ice.

There are bleachers along the wall for sitting or setting your things down.  If you are not skating, the whole rink is pretty chilly, so dress warmly!  The kids had less layers than us by the time they were done skating!

Albany hockey

While we did not stop for snacks, there is a place you can get some food.  It is nice to have that option available.

Albany County Hockey Facility

We had a nice time at the rink, and definitely plan on returning for some more open skating time, and possibly lessons too.

You can check out their website at

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