Instagram is a major social media networking platform, especially among younger people. For this same reason, it is now the most admired platform for the social media marketers too where they can easily find success in managing it properly.  Using social media effectively can boost your reach as well as SEO efforts.

In this article, we will try to discuss some tips shared by the social media marketing experts, which are essential in light of the changing trends in social media marketing as a whole and specifically into Instagram marketing. Even though Google announced they don’t use the social signals a ranking factor, better performance on social media marketing can surely have a positive impact on the traffic to your website and in turn its SEO benefits. Here come the tips.


Always track the performance of your Instagram links

You can easily use the Google URL Builder to embed a tracking code to the link you put on the profile portion of Instagram. In the end, you may have a longer link, for which you can easily use a URL shortener application at to customize it. When shortening, make sure that you give it a name mostly batching to your business name for consistency. Taking these initiatives will help you to have a better idea of how many people click on it.

Get followers

One major doubt people do have while thinking about Instagram marketing is how to get many followers for Instagram posts. This is in fact not easy and requires careful consideration and unrelenting efforts to build. But, once you succeed in this slow and steady race, there is no look back as to get more popularity, acceptance, engagement with your brand.

Change URLs often

As you cannot add links to every post, you can be creative in changing your profile links from time to time based on the content of your latest posts. Say, for example, if you want your followers to take advantage of a seasonal offer you announced through your latest post, then it is better to put the direct link to the seasonal offers page than putting your generic URL for the landing page. Take advantage of this and share different landing pages, product pages, offer pages, blogs everything you want to promote.

Location as a call to action

When you post an image, it is possible to customize your location. Once you publish the post, the location also is seen behind the username and above the image. As you have only limited provisions to get directly benefited from an Instagram post, make use of these to the maximum. Certain marketers to get the benefits of appropriately geotagging their posts. Some use this space as a call to action by manually keying in the location as Instagram don’t ask you to verify it against the existing locations. Use it wisely.

Even though Instagram doesn’t connect to any major search engines, you can still optimize your Instagram profile to ensure that people find you there and get connected. You can ensure that you are findable and engaging to reroute the traffic and backlinks to your website which can indirectly improve your search engine rankings.

Author bio: With plenty of followers for Instagram posts, Kenneth O’Brien is a leading blogger and internet marketing specialist who used to come up with new ideas and strategies for his followers online.