Dulci Belle

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Lately it seems like purchasing things like gifts have become a challenge.  With so many things available online, it can be tough to figure out what to buy.  But then you stumble across a company like Dulci Belle.

Dulci Belle is a small company that sells jewelry and other accessories.  What sets it apart from so many other companies is that Dulci Belle uses so many great business practices.  When you look at their products, you’ll see things that are upcycled, recycled, fair trade, made from sustainable materials, or handmade.

In such a consumer society, it is nice to find products that aren’t just your typical mass-produced items.  The founders of Dulci Belle strive to “Promote safe, healthy and humane working conditions through the sale of fair trade products”.  I think it is too easy to just go to the store and buy anything we want, without thinking deeper about our purchases.

Dulci Belle

Not only does this company consider the lives of people and communities, but they also “Encourage responsible environmental practices by offering a selection of goods that have been conscientiously sourced with low impact materials”, and “Offer products that do not exploit the people producing them, and do not harm the earth during the manufacturing process“.  When I have the choice between something made in mass quantity in a factory, versus something homemade from a small business like Dulci Belle, I definitely choose the latter!

Dulci Belle

There are lots of great items at Dulci Belle, from earrings to necklaces.  The pieces are gorgeous, with a variety of items to suit different styles.

Dulci Belle

I think my favorites are the one that have a natural sort of vibe to them, especially since being environmentally friendly is part of their mission statement.  This Fossil Leaf Red Necklace is downright beautiful!

Dulci Belle Necklace

They also have non-jewelry items like clutches and wallets.  I would love one of these to have in my purse for my accessories.

Dulci Belle

I love it when I can shop knowing that my purchases are supporting the earth and artisans in fair trade.  I also love giving these items as gifts, because it is that much more meaningful to give something that has had so much consideration put into making it.

I ordered some earrings, so keep an eye out for my review!


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