How to Choose the Best Dancewear for Your Child

When was the last time your child got involved in a physical activity to keep herself busy?  Dance is a great way for your child to exercise while keeping busy. There are different types of dance classes that you can enroll your child in, including jazz, hip-hop, ballet, and tap dancing.

Once your child chooses the type of dance that they would like, you need to buy the right dancewear to make the learning process smoother. To maximize their potential, you need to buy the right clothing for your child.

Dance Clothing

When it comes to choosing dance clothes, the most popular ones are tights, leotards, and jazz pants. The style chosen is usually determined by the dancer’s preferences and the studio’s dress code. Here are the dance clothes that you need to know:


Your child can wear this versatile dance item for different styles of dance. They are one-piece skintight garments that cover the entire torso but leave the legs bare. You can choose from many leotard styles, including tank, long sleeved, and skirted leotards.

Most dance studios require their dancers to wear this piece of clothing during performances and classes because they are comfy, durable, and flexible enough to accommodate all dance routines.


Ballet dancers usually wear this type of skirt. You can choose from different sizes and styles of tutus and your choice depends on the performance being done and your child’s age. The most popular tutu is known as the pancake tutu and is made up different layers of net that stretches horizontally from the waist down. If you would like a different style, opt for the romantic tutu that has a soft net hanging down from the waist.


This is a popular dance item that dancers wear and pair with leotards. They are stretchy, light, and thin, which means that they allow the dancer to move freely in any direction. Tights come in different styles, which include footless, footed, and convertible.

Dance Shoes

The type of dance should determine the kind of shoe that you buy for your child. Tap shoes are vastly different from ballet shoes, which mean that you should be careful not to buy the wrong shoes. If your child wants to take several dance classes before choosing the best one for her, you should ask the studio instructor whether it would be a good idea to wear ballet shoes to the other classes. Doing so will allow you to reduce the overall cost of buying dance gear.

Here are the different types of dance shoes:

Ballet Shoes

Ballet dancers need a specific type of shoe, which is known as a ballet slipper. Dancers who are not dancing en pointe yet are the ones who wear this shoe.  Ballet slippers are made from canvas, leather, or satin and other materials that are soft to the touch and light enough to allow free movement.

Tap Shoes

These shoes are very different from other types of dance shoes and can only be worn by tap dancers. The shoe has a metal plate attached to the toe and heel areas that allow the dancer to make loud tapping noises. Tap shoes are an important part of the dance style because you can use the acoustic differences to hone your steps.

The ability to hear the noises that the shoe makes is important if your child wants to start tap dancing lessons.


If you want to start taking hip-hop lessons, you might be wondering how to get ready for your hip-hop performance. This dance does not require any special clothes; you just need an outfit which does not restricted your movement. You can wear a pair of baggy jeans and a loose-fitting t-shirt during practice, but if you need a uniform, you should get it.