Oxbow Kaytee Cuddle E Cup Small Animal Bed

I received this product in exchange for my honest review as a Chewy.com influencer.

My daughter loves getting treats for her guinea pig, and she has been asking about getting a little bed for Nutmeg.  We haven’t seen anything she wanted at the pet store, so she was excited to choose this Kaytee Cuddle E-Cup Plush Animal Bed from Chewy.com.

Kaytee Cuddle-E-Cup Plush Small Animal Bed provides a comfortable place for your little critter to cuddle up in. It features an ultra-soft, padded faux fur interior for the highest level of comfort. The outer portion is made of durable polyester material that’s made to last. And it’s even machine washable for easy cleanup. Included straps are strong and secure the bed into position anywhere in your pet’s cage.

When the Kaytee pet bed arrived, my daughter was excited to find we had been shipped a green bed (colors are assorted).  The outside has a durable polyester construction, and the inside is a very soft plush.

Kaytee Cuddle E-Cup Plush Animal Bed

Our cat was apparently also very excited about the arrival of the small animal bed, and somehow managed to get herself into it!

Chewy Kaytee Small Animal Bed

The bed doesn’t require much as far as setup – you just unfold it, and there are clips on the back that allow you to attach it to an animal cage.  My daughter has this in Nutmeg’s playpen, but it can also go in Nutmeg’s cage.

Kaytee Cuddle-E-Cup Plush Small Animal Bed

Nutmeg seems to enjoy the bed, and even dragged a strawberry over so she could enjoy it while she lounged.

Kaytee Cuddle-E-Cup Plush Small Animal Bed

This product is currently listed for $10.99 at Chewy.com, which is a great price.

You can check out at the Kaytee Cuddle E-Cup at Chewy.com, as well as lots of other great pet products.

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