How to Get Rid of Old Urine Stains on the Carpet

If you have babies or toddlers that are undergoing potty training or indoor pets, then pee accidents on your favorite carpet must be your worst possible nightmare. This is the most difficult thing to take care of because, well they are babies or pets in the first place and it would be a bit too much to expect them to control the call to nature when they are not trained to do so. That being said, your love and compassion for your munchkins does not mean you can let your carpet get loaded with those yellow stains.

Having urine stains on your carpet does not only make it look dirty, but it is also cringeworthy sight and can be embarrassing if a guest visiting your place catches a glimpse of it. Unfortunately, urine stains are one of the toughest and the most stubborn stains to get rid of. The worst part is if you do not tend to it when it is fresh and it gets the time to set in the carpet fibers it becomes next to impossible to make the stain go away without ruining the carpet.

Carpets are a huge investment and you cannot just throw away your carpet and bring in a new one every time your baby or pet pees over it, so you need to know how to remove set in urine stains from the carpet. Here is a step by step hack that will help you save your carpet without costing you an arm and leg.

Step 1: Locate the Stains

Since we are focusing on cleaning the old urine stains here, the first step is to find and locate all the urine stains that are existing on your carpet. Primarily you should be looking out for yellow patches but look out for green stains too if you have pets in the house. The effort required in this step largely depends on the color of your carpet.

Yellow patches of urine stand out and are visible on certain colors while they become somewhat camouflaged in other colors. A bright ultra violet LED flash light can help you detect the stains much more easily so it is recommended that you keep one at home. These lights are easily available in the market. Sweep through the area gradually and carefully and pay extra attention at places where your baby or kid spends more time such as near the bookshelf, under the table etc.

Step 2: Use an Enzymatic Cleaner

Once you have located the stains, wet the affected areas with water and spray an enzymatic cleaner over it. Make sure that the product you are using is compatible with the material of your carpet. Cover the area with a clean damp towel and press it by putting some weight over it. Leave it overnight to let it sit in the carpet. Remove it the next day and see the difference. If you feel it needs more intense cleaning, it is recommended that you approach a professional cleaner rather than using any harsh cleaning agents on your own.