With various advancements in technology, a lot of institutions started adapting to the rapid changes it brought to society. One such institution are the schools, offering to provide students with Kindle books or iPads so they can access preloaded books and documents easily. This means our kids will not lug around heavy books daily. They can just open their tablets and digitally access their readings. Of course, the initial reaction is to be dumbstruck. Part of the school experience for most of us is to physically go to a library and do our research. But know that technological advances in education should not throw real books at the curb, but to supplement it with sources students can access anywhere.

School Technology

To show the benefits of new technology in education, it is interesting to examine the Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Singapore – one of the most technologically advanced schools in one of the fastest rising countries in the world. Along with their acclaimed ‘Nine Gems’ holistic education framework and the Montessori philosophy of teaching, they make full use advanced tools and equipment to support the curriculum and its methods.

myGIIS application

International schools are lauded for creating programs to make sure the parents and guardians are involved in the children’s education. At Global Indian International School, they have created the myGIIS mobile application that allows parents to stay in touch with teachers and various social events. They will also receive a timeline of exam schedules and receive important announcements.

Extensive digital archive

Students do not need to worry about getting more references for their homework, because they can access the library’s digital archive of print and electronic media easily at GIIS. The goal is to provide students with trusted and reliable resources that they can use for their school work. Both student and faculty can access thousands of peer reviewed journals, about 34 ebooks and 11 CDs of the Encyclopedia Britannica, 2.5 million images from Image Quest, and various electronic media.

Laboratories with the latest software and equipment

The GIIS curriculum gives importance of application of theories and concepts discussed in class. Which is why their laboratories are fitted with the latest software to help with simulations and experiments. The school has partnered with providers of globally recognized e-class programs like Microsoft IT Academy and HeyMath! so students can access e-learning modules and tools.

The 7s Analysis tool

The 7s Analysis tool allows teachers to identify gaps in learning they should focus on. It is a student’s detailed performance report which teachers can use to create a learning plan to address those gaps appropriately.

Smart Board equipment

GIIS classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards, an important tool that encourages interactive learning. This can help students study their lessons, especially the sciences, in a more dynamic way. It also encourages students to collaborate with their classmates and learn mathematical concepts (especially Chemistry, Geometry, and Trigonometry) creatively.

Some reservations coming from parents are understandable. But it is schools like Global Indian International School that shows how innovations in technology can be utilized to enhance the education landscape. As parents and guardians, this is what we need to look for in a school; institutions that can use technology to address the individual needs of the students.