Third Grade Mermaid and the Narwhals

Last year, I bought “Third Grade Mermaid” for my daughter as a gift when she finished 2nd grade.  My kids love books, and my daughter loves swimming, so it was a big hit.  The book is perfect for beginner chapter readers, with a fun story accompanied by awesome illustrations.

You can check out the trailer here:

The book is about a mermaid named Cora, and her life as a third-grader!  (Read my daughter’s review here!)

This February 2018, author and illustrator Peter Raymundo is releasing a sequel: Third Grade Mermaid and the Narhwhals!

Just reading the back of the book, I can’t wait for the book to arrive.  You know what’s funny?  We have had friends who thought narwhals were not real too!

Third Grade Mermaid and the Narwhals

Check out this fun page from Third Grade Mermaid.  You can see why kids love these books.  The illustrations are amazing and really draw you in to the story.  These books are great especially if you have a child that has a hard time getting into a chapter book.

Third Grade mermaid

We can’t wait for the release of Third Grade Mermaid and the Narwhals: the release date is February 27, 2018.


“Third Grade Mermaid and the Narhwhals” hardcover book (ARV ~$9.25)

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