15 Cool New Years Eve Nail Design Ideas

New Year`s Eve is coming! So you might start thinking about your holiday hairstyle, mani and dress for New Year`s Eve party! To get an awesome new years nail design is very important when it comes to hand`s beauty. Your festive manicure is half the battle if you are wrestling with the creation of your festive look and going to ring in the new year at your best.

Year after year new nail trends are replaced by others. Of course, some nail designs become more popular and some less. This year is no exception! Nails for New Year 2018 will be also great and special! Let’s look at the main nail trends, preferred colors and fashionable styles of 2018. These 15 cool New Years Eve nail designs help you look fabulous and emphasize your own style at New Year’s Eve party.

It`s not so difficult to define a popular color of the coming year, according to the Eastern Calendar. The Yellow Earth Dog will be the New Year symbol of 2018. Thus, yellow will become the trendiest new years eve nail polish color.

You can also add glitter gold accents to your favorite nail design and create a really festive mani for the party.

Silver glitter nail designs are traditional for New Year`s Eve, but you can add snowflakes establishments to make them feel fresh.

Black and silver gradient glitter nails are also trendy and not so difficult to do. So if you’re short on time, such nail design will make you look really special.   

Red is well-known as a color of the New Year. Red is perfect if combined with white, black, golden and green.

Snowflakes, Christmas tree and snowman are the most popular elements of New Years nail design ideas. Here you have a great space to experiment with colors and forms.

Double French nails where you’ll combine white and blue colors can convey winter mood and complete your festive outfit. Snowflakes can be also added to such design to make it more frosty.

A mani covered like in “confetti” tells everyone“Happy New Year!”.

Glasses of champagne and fireworks are the unchanging New Years Eve attributes. Why not have them on your nails?  

Red, black and silver glitter is a cool mixture to create a holiday atmosphere. But you can go ahead and add a jewel accent to one or two nails.

Now stencils have become highly popular. Their great variety allows you to get the most intricate patterns  in just a few minutes.

To be super chic and sophisticated you can cover your nails with ciphers. White signs and patterns on a blue base color make you look mysterious and fascinating.

Sometimes you need something simple, even on holidays. Four nails covered with a nude color and one highlighted nail is the best design if you want such simplicity.

If you`d like an extremely bright design, you can try to cover your nails with three different glitter colors as blue, lilac and golden.

Make your nails the real party girls with this colorful French confetti design.

So you still have time to think about your New Years Eve nail design and choose the most suitable one. Good luck!