3 Healthy Brands With A Strong Social Media Presence

The power of a strong social media for a brand’s marketing is no secret. With 79 percent of online Americans using Facebook,32 percent on Instagram and 24 percent of Twitter, according to the Pew Research Center, the reach and engagement can be incomparable to other platforms. When it comes to being a health brand, your message is important and valuable to many people, and through social media you have the opportunity to reach a large audience in a unique and creative way. But just like any other marketing campaign, if your activity isn’t well thought out, chances of its success are much lower. Agencies like This Agency can greatly help improve any social media campaigns you may have. Let’s take a look at a few health brands that are doing it right to learn some effective techniques.

1. Weight Watchers

As a program that gives members a way of losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle, Weight Watcher’s social media presence is predominantly used to bring its customers together and build a community of support. They have regular posts about new and different ways of living healthy, content to improve your relationship with food and exercise and, most importantly, testimonials of customers who have benefited from Weight Watchers and seen a clear difference. Ultimately, its a platform for members to go on to get motivated, inspired and continue engaging the Weight Watchers program. With a specific focus on Instagram, the brand exemplifies a company that knows their audience and offers added value of support and friendship to their users through their social media.

2. Chobani

Through social media, Chobani has taken something as mundane as yogurt and made it part of a culture. Recently, there has been a social media trend that focuses around professional-looking photos of food and delicious meals, in an almost artsy way. Aware of its growing popularity among its target market, Chobani jumped on that bandwagon, taking similar style photos along with recipes to not only position yogurt as a delicious, versatile ingredient, but place itself as a leader. They created hashtags to get their followers to post their own Chobani photos, which is also a great way to get users involved on social media. Now, Chobani has branded itself as a trendy food item that users often enjoy hearing about and looking at.

3. Amway

Amway has a number of different products, including healthy food items like shakes. Using social media, the company is great at providing the valuable information their audience needs to engage with the company and learn about their products. Specifically, their YouTube account takes advantage of the benefits of video to offer the customers a unique and informative experience of their company and their products. Posting regularly and comprehensive videos, like Amway does, is a great way to engage audiences through visuals and audio and clearly state your brand personality and unique selling points. And the plus side of a well put together YouTube account is that you have the capability to share it on various other platforms.

Social media is a modern day marketing tool that is here to stay. But in order to really reap the benefits, it’s important to know useful techniques and learn from those who are getting it right.