7 Great Reasons to Get a Flu Shot

The flu vaccination is readily available every winter. Depending on your age, existing health conditions and profession, you may be eligible to get one for free. But, even if you’re not, you can buy one quite cheaply from your healthcare practice or pharmacy. Yet, many of us don’t bother. If you’re fit and healthy, flu is actually relatively rare, and the shot doesn’t protect against the common cold. So, what’s the point? Well, here are seven reasons you should get one anyway!

It’s Cost Effective

Yes, you may have to pay for your flu shot. But, it’s really cheap and easy to get. Certainly, much cheaper than taking time off work and having to buy anti-flu meds (which don’t hugely work!) if you do get sick.

Why Not?

People tend to have one of three reasons for not bothering. First, it hurts. Well, it doesn’t really. Children get the vaccine delivered in a harmless nasal spray and adults have a tiny injection, which may lead to a mild arm ache for a day or two. That’s it. Second, they worry about side effects. In most cases, there aren’t any. Contrary to popular belief, having the flu vaccination won’t give you flu symptoms. Third, it’s hard to get. Most pharmacies and even high street drug stores offer it. So, why not? Even if you don’t think you’ll get flu and it’s a waste of time, it can’t hurt to be sure.

You’ll Keep Your Family Safe

One of the worst things about the flu is that it’s extremely contagious. If you’ve got a family, you should definitely get everyone a shot, to protect them. Especially the very young and very old, who can be more seriously affected.

The Flu is Horrible

Old people and young children get a free flu shot because there’s a risk that they couldn’t handle getting the flu. That’s how bad it can be. The flu isn’t the same as a cold, as those studying an MSN degree will know. It’s much worse. The flu can lead to all over aches and pains, coughs, cold symptoms, nausea, trouble sleeping, a high fever and many other symptoms. In severe cases, it can lead to pneumonia and chest infections.

It Could Help Your Heart

A recent study found that adults who had the flu vaccination were 36% less likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke. So, it’s not just the flu you are protecting yourself from.

To Stop Its Spread

You can be infected with the flu, without actually getting sick. This means you won’t stay indoors to protect others. You’ll be out there spreading it. The shot prevents this. It’s also worth noting that it lasts for a year, so if you are an online MSN degree student and you expect to have patient contact within the next year, you should get the shot now.

Your Phone is a Flu Carrier

Phones today are made from super sturdy materials to protect them. However, this has the unexpected side effect of allowing bacteria and virus to cling to them. How many times a day do you touch your phone?

Remember, the flu vaccination is different every year, depending on which strains of the virus are around. So, even if you got one last year, you need another now.