Tips for Moms Studying a Nursing Degree

There are many reasons why studying to become a nurse is a popular option amongst moms. Not only does it take somebody who is naturally caring and empathetic to be a great nurse, the career option is often an ideal one for busy parents who are looking for flexible hours over the week with the option to work unconventional hours such as evenings, weekends, or nights. However, studying to become a nurse whilst you are bringing up little ones is certainly no easy task and the next few years will be spent trying to divide your time wisely between these two very important priorities. Of course, your kids will always come first, so we’ve put together some top tips to help you achieve your nursing degree as a mom.

Tip #1. Consider Studying Online:

Once you have decided that nursing is the right career choice for you, the most important consideration that you’ll need to take is where you’re going to study for your RN to MSN degree. For moms, there will definitely be many worthwhile factors worth thinking about when it comes to the option of online study. If you are looking for as much flexibility as possible and the option to choose your own study hours so that you can work them around your family life, then an online nursing degree program may be the perfect fit for your needs.

Tip #2. Get Support:

Studying to become a nurse is no easy task; not only do you have all the nursing theory to learn and assignments to complete, but in most cases, graduate nurses are required to have undertaken a certain number of hours of on-the-job experience before they can start to work in a professional setting. Since your RN to MSN online nursing degree is likely going to be some combination of both studying and working, it’s vital that you have a good supportive social circle around you – simply having friends or relatives who you’re able to ask to babysit every once in a while can make it so much easier.

Tip #3. Get Organized:

There’s nothing worse than juggling study and parenthood at the same time if you’re not sure what’s up next in terms of your education. Good preparation and getting organized as early on as possible in your program is key to staying on top of your studies and making sure that everything works and fits together when it comes to your two schedules. Laying out a daily study schedule where you work out where you have free time that you could use to study will help you stay in control.

Tip #4. Network:

Finally, one of the best tips for moms who are studying to become a nurse is to get out and network as much as possible, both in real life and virtually. Networking with other nursing students, professional nurses, and even other health professionals can really help you to better understand your work, get tips for juggling it with family life, and even make it easier for you to find your career path in the future.

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