Leg Workouts

Google “Leg Workout” and you’ll find a multitude of exercises that are not only overwhelming but also occasionally confusing. You’ll stumble upon a bunch of leg activities that involve heavy weights along with the exercise machines. But when it comes to building strength with just the use of your bodyweight right on your legs without these equipment, the search engine might not be able to provide you a plethora of hits.

Today, our post will just about to focus on that — the best leg workouts for strength. This compiled number of exercises are surefire ways to make your legs stronger than they ever were before, whether you are looking for more toned legs or jump training. Plus, the following activities are a testament that you don’t have to linger in a gym or use any tool to get those robust legs you’ve been aspiring for. Without dilly-dallying, here are the bodyweight exercises to get those legs powered right now:


If done full and right, deep side lunges should be able to bring both strength and flexibility on both legs. When doing it; ensure that you concentrate on keeping your torso in an upright position while your core is tightened during the entire time. Whenever you find yourself having trouble balancing, hold on a solid surface so you could get comfy while performing it.

You may also make these lunges a little more challenging by holding any type of weight while you’re doing it. Alternatively, you can beef up the challenge by sitting back on the ground as you lunge prior to using the strength from your leg to push you back up.


Pistol squats are decidedly challenging. Even for the seasoned gym-goers, this exercise does not come without difficulties: you need to have strong legs and versatility in order to get your body lowered down into a full squat. Balance and control are also paramount so you can prevent yourself from falling or tipping over. Whenever you find that flexibility could be an issue, pistols can be performed on an elevated surface like a bench. On the other hand, you can add more challenge to it by doing it on an unstable ground or by holding a hefty weight right on your chest.

But once you’re able to master these, pistols can be really rewarding in giving you that much-needed leg strength.


Like pistol squats and deep side lunges, jump lunges will also require you a combination of balance and coordination. Also, these lunges demand a lot of leg strength and an amount of conditioning for you to reap its leg benefits. In terms of its output, this unilateral exercise is especially effective and accessible as it can be done virtually anywhere.

Initially, jump lunges allow you to focus on form and techniques for you not to fall over. However, as time eventually enables you to master them, an optimal conditioning and leg burning effect are to be expected soon after.


If you’re gunning for a leg strength exercise that gets your heart pumping at the same time, squat jumps should end at the top of your checklist. They transform your typical bodyweight squats into a more challenging one, one that goes with a plyometric component. When doing squat jumps, it is imperative that you concentrate on speed and conduct the exercise around parallel as opposed to heading for a full, deep squat.


Long jumps are especially ideal for those who are looking to improve their lower body and core muscles. Although the exercise is meant to leave your legs all feeling used and tired, this activity should benefit the strength of your legs in the long run. For extra support, you can take advantage of wearing one of those comfort shoes that should ease the pain or discomfort during your training.

And while long jumps demand spacious areas, you can still perform this exercise in a limited space by simply turning around and jumping right back to the original place and vice versa.


Your legs just don’t need the perfect shape and muscles for them to be touted as the killer ones. More importantly, they also need to be pampered with strength and power for them to function well and effectively. And whether you’re in your garage gym or any open space, the abovementioned exercises should tell you that making your legs stronger is now very accessible and convenient and that those old excuses are no longer valid!



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