Bennington Battle Monument

For years, we have traveled through the Bennington area of Vermont.  It is easy to see the Bennington Battle Monument anytime you are in that area, but we never had the time to stop, so we finally decided to check out the monument.

The monument is in a beautiful area of Bennington.  We went in October, and the tree-lined streets are just absolutely gorgeous.  Later, it was fun to look back down on the road from inside the monument.

There is a parking area right next to the monument.  You can buy tickets to go up the monument elevator at the gift shop.  We paid $5 per adult and $1 per child.  The gift shop also sells some great local items and other souvenirs.

Bennington Battlefield Monument

We saw a Painted Moose out front of the Monument in October, and it is fun tradition to see different moose around Vermont.

Bennington Battle Monument Moose

The Bennington Battle Monument was completed in 1891, and is just over 306 feet tall.  It was built to commemorate the Battle of Bennington, which took place on August 16, 1777.

Bennignton Monument

We thought you had to climb all 417 stairs to reach the top of the monument, but the stairs are permanently closed.  The only way to the top is via an elevator.  I would say it is your average size elevator, and there is an attendant running it.  When you are done at the top, you can either catch the elevator as it brings more tourists up, or there is a bell you can ring.

There are narrow windows all around the top, and there are maps on the inside walls to give you an idea of what you are looking at as far as mountains and other geographical features.

Bennington Battle Monument

Bennington Battle Monument

The views are incredible, and it was fun to look down and see the beautiful tree-lined street we had come in on.

Bennington Battlefield Monument View

We went during prime leaf peeping season, and the view of the mountains are great.

Bennington Monument

There are some historical items at the base of the monument (inside), which are interesting.

There are also restrooms near the monument, which came in handy since we have kids and were in the car for a while.

We had a fun time at the monument, having passed it for so many years and going at prime foliage time.   Visiting the monument was fairly quick, as we checked out the top, took photos, and took a brief look at the historical items at the bottom.

The monument is open mid-April through October 31.

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