Appealing Web Designs That Attract Viewers

Changing technology and the ever expanding online field have given rise to many novel and interesting ideas that have succeeded in making websites and blogs all the more attractive and appealing. Updated technology and its precise application are needed to keep up with the ever increasing competition.

Well liked website designs that have garnered popularity

  • The simple appeal of flat design

For ensuring easy interactivity in a website flat design is often employed. It is quite popular and often used because in this type of design the different sections of the website are arranged in a serial manner. The resulting neat appearance is liked by most users. People who prefer simplicity in terms of design can surely opt for flat design as it is extremely in vogue.

  • Using a Responsive design

Non-responsive websites are totally obsolete in today’s world. There are many benefits of having a responsive website because this design adheres to a mobile view. People who are using the Internet nowadays do not simply access the Internet from the desktop, rather people can use Internet from a host of devices like mobile phones, android devices, tablets etc. therefore the website should be developed keeping this fact in mind and applying responsive design will enable the website owner to make his /her website accessible by users from all types of electronic devices.

  • Including Video banners

Making an informative video regarding the company or the product(s) and featuring it through the company’s website is a great idea to ensure publicity. This is a very intelligent form of advertising where instead of reading an article or details about a product a user can just click on the video and gather all the necessary information within seconds. Videos when artfully made and appropriately positioned within the website can add to the traffic and increase the customer base. Building blogs in congruence with one’s website is necessary so that video links and pertinent information can be shared through the blog.

  • Having Custom photos

Using stock pictures that are present in a thousand other websites is not at all a good idea to make a lasting impression on a user. While surfing through the internet if a user comes across a site which has a stock photo in the background then it can reduce further interest completely therefore it is advisable to prepare some custom pictures that are wholly different than those featured in other similar sites. Using custom photos can not only enhance the visual appearance but can also pique the interest of the viewer.

  • Bold typeface and hues

Experimenting with bold type of fonts and strong use of colors can make the website appear bright and beautiful. An eye pleasing website with a legible font is more suitable for viewers. Using animated text is also a good way to make the website vibrant and interesting.