I have been a fan of Lisa Loeb’s music for ages, so we were excited to listen to her children’s music albums that have been released over the years.  Most recently is her “Feel What U Feel” album, which is something the whole family can enjoy.  It features Lisa Loeb’s beautiful voice and songs full of positive messages and a light, upbeat vibe.

Lisa Loeb

Halfway through the album is “The Sky is Always Blue”.  Just like the rest of the album, this is such a lovely song!  Loeb has such a wonderful way of creating children’s music that is happy and cheerful, without being over the top.  This is a perfect song to put you in a good mood.

Just released, “The Sky is Always Blue” music video brings to life those positive thoughts, with cheerful images.  The cute bunnies don’t hurt either!

LIsa Loeb

This is really a story of encouraging three different animal characters to venture beyond their fear and out of their comfort zone.  “the world outside your nest is waiting” “the sky is always blue [behind the clouds]”

Even if it looks like it’s cloudy outside, there’s always a blue sky behind those clouds.  If you take a chance you’ll have a brighter future.  I hope to invite the fans into the sweet percussive and piano based song. 

~ Lisa Loeb

Watch the video here!

Be sure to check out the rest of the album too!